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Having healthy hair is essential to living your best life. Hair is one of the first things people notice about each other. If your hair is lackluster, people will notice. Conversely, if you have perfectly shiny, healthy, and happy hair, people will notice you even more. So how can you get happy, healthy hair? Here are some steps to complete hair health.


Start on the Inside

Healthy hair starts from within. If you aren’t eating right, your body composition will be off balance, and this will be evident in the appearance of your hair. With a busy, modern lifestyle, however, it can be hard to eat right and exercise all the time. There is a solution to this, however. There are plenty of supplements that can lead to healthier hair. Start with a daily multi-vitamin. Add some extra biotin and vitamin D, and you’ll be on your way to healthy hair in no time. Biotin can help combat brittle hair and nails, while vitamin D can help increase healthy hair growth. Increased hair growth leads to fewer split ends and greater volume.



Don’t Be Harsh

Harsh chemicals, often found in hair dyes, can be extremely detrimental to hair health. Stay away from these at all costs. If you must dye your hair, have it done by a professional, and do it as infrequently as possible.


Wash Less

Your hair does not need to be washed every day. In fact, it is best that you skip a day of washing as often as possible. Washing your hair in the shower causes the cuticle to emerge from the surface, which leads to major frizzy and brittle hair. If your hair feels greasy when you skip a day of washing, try using a dry shampoo instead. These shampoos absorb the oil in your hair, without requiring you to wash your hair in the shower.

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