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What’s colostrum?




Every female mammal on the planet produces this rich milk before or instantly following birth. First milk, or colostrum, has for ages been known as probably the most crucial substances a mother can pass to her newborn, giving it a jump start in life. It contains high degrees of protein, low levels of fat and essential antibody to defend babies from numerous different diseases.




Scientific research shows that colostrum also has many health advantages for adult humans, and bovine colostrum powder, which can be made from the first milk of cows after they give birth, has become more widely utilized as a healthful nutritional supplement.

All mammals create this first milk, however, in most cases, it’s species specific. Which implies that cows or humans can’t drink equine colostrum and so forth. Bovine colostrum could be consumed by a broad range of mammals including humans.

Research shows that this is definitely great news on many fronts. Adding colostrum powder into a balanced diet and exercise plan, for example, can result in weight reduction and muscle development, and these are only two of the many health advantages of supplementing with colostrum powder.




Colostrum contains all essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, fat soluble vitamin A & D as well as sugars, calcium, and the complete IgF1 growth factor family.




Additionally to being an up and coming weight reduction pill colostrum powder advantages to health include a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, enhancing the immunity system, diabetes mellitus control, reduction in inflammation, maintaining youthful skin, increasing energy and enhancing general well being.




There have been studies which suggest bovine colostrum powder might be effective in treating various skin diseases and prevention of prostate issues. There are a number of numerous reasons you may like to use powder as opposed to a capsule or tablet form colostrum. First and foremost, colostrum in powder form has undergone less processing than pills or capsules.




In fact, raw can be best as pasteurization or homogenization can denature the product and lessen the health advantages. Colostrum powder can be also very handy to add to a healthful morning smoothie, and it could also be sprinkled on your pet’s food to give them a health boost. If you cope with allergies, painful joints, skin ailments, diabetes mellitus or a whole host of other medical related issues, colostrum powder might be a good addition to your daily diet.




Research is continuing on the numerous different benefits people can enjoy by consuming bovine colostrum powder supplements. The one thing to bear in mind is to ensure you’re receiving a good quality product. New Zealand has some of the strictest standards and best conditions for producing top quality colostrum from healthful, pasture fed cows. You should also ensure that the colostrum supplement you purchase isn’t diluted with skim powdered milk.

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