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Households are looking for ways to stretch their budgets as unemployment creeps up. It’s best to have the creativity to create simple healthy meals that will help you save money and time.


Below are some ideas on ways you can cook simple healthy meals.


Using a Crockpot or a Dutch Oven is preferred, but any pot will do. There could be variants based on taste, although hamburger is the main ingredient.


Broil: Place in the pot, and after the hamburger is cooked, drain the grease. Boiling the hamburger is another way to reduce some of the content. Add a can of vegetable or curry broth will offer a flavor and a base.


Tomato base versions include diced tomato or stewed; however, you can flavor tomato mixtures you may find in stores to adjust the flavor. Some brands include seasonings such as chile, Chipotle and Italian spices the tomato flavor.


Vegetable Medley: The mixture may have vegetable combinations, according to taste. Potato, carrots, and onions are the most often utilized in this category. Leaving the skins will add taste. Certainly, before adding to the soup, you’d like to wash the potatoes. New potatoes are tiny enough that they may be added without being diced, which may reduce the effort and time for preparation.


Added Flavors: As that the Hamburger soup cooks, that the number of ingredients you may use to increase flavor to the dish are countless. Based on taste and taste, Ketchup, Soy Sauce and even some beef bullion cubes could be added to that the broth to not only thicken that the mix but provide a sweet texture.


Adding cornstarch paste is going to thicken the soup in a more gravy-like texture. Hamburger soup is easy, inexpensive and good for the family.


Regardless if use a Dutch Oven or Crockpot, this particular dish is an excellent meal for large or small households looking to stretch their food dollars.


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