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Soft and smooth feet are something that many people want but are not sure how to get. The average person especially if they are on their feet all day has dry and cracked feet. They may also have corns and other conditions that make their foot dry and rough. A person does not have to deal with cracked and unattractive feet any longer. There are some tips that both men and women can use to heal their feet and remove the dry and cracked skin. These tips will make the foot more attractive and will make the skin on the foot smooth.

Give the Feet a Shower

When a person takes a shower they wash their body and many people use some kind of body wash or scrub to leave their skin scents and feeling soft. They often forget to take the time to take care of their feet. Some people wash their feet with soap while others allow soapy water to run over them. When taking the daily shower it is important to pay attention to the feet. The feed should be carefully cleaned each day. The same soap or body wash that is used on the rest of the body can be used for the feet. This can be done by anyone and it is important to make sure the feet are clean. Before going to bed a person should also clean their feet. This will help remove any dirt or odour that the feet have picked up during the day. The dirt on the feet can lead to cracking overnight. This can look unattractive and can make the feet dry as well.

Milk Therapy

Milk does wonders for the body and it can do wonders for the feet as well. It is easy to make a milk bath and all a person has to be is soak their feet once a month. The milk that is best for the feet is the whole milk since it has all the nutrients and the extra fat that the feet need. Before putting the milk in the foot bath it is best to warm it up. This will be soothing to the feet. The lactic acid that is found in the milk will help to remove any very dry and rough areas. This will make the feet very smooth and soft. If a person does not want to use a milk bath they can use the milk in another way. They should take a cotton ball and soak it in milk. This can then be rubbed on the feet once a week to help smooth out the skin and remove the dry patches as well.

Daily Soak

In addition to the milk bath, the feet should be soaked on a daily basis. While daily showers do help for the feet sometimes they are just not enough. A person should soak their feet in warm water between 5 and 10 minutes on a daily basis. This will help soften up the feet that have become cracked and will make it easier to remove dead skin cells from the dry areas on the feet. Do not soak the feet for too long. They may get wrinkled due to the water and it may be painful trying to remove cracked skin at this point.

Use a Pumice Stone

A pumice stone can be used to gently rub several parts of the feet. It can be used on the rough heels, toes, and even the soles of the feet. This should be done twice a week. This will help remove the dead skin cells on the feet and will allow the feet to become soft and smoother. All it takes is two minutes on each foot with the pumice stone to make the feet look and feel better. A person should focus on the areas where their feet are rough and dry. Do not scrub too hard as this may irritate the skin.

Take Care of the Toenail

Many people forget about their toenail. Toenails can grow long and make the foot look unattractive. Long toenails also trap dirt and bacteria. Using toenail clippers be sure to get rid of the nails and shape them up after a shower. If the edges of the nails are rough or jagged be sure to file them smooth. If the toenails are not properly taken care of they become infected.

Take Care of Shoes

In order to have healthy feet, a person needs to take care of their feet as well as the shoes. If there is an issue with the shoes this can lead to problems with the feet. A person should purchase shoes that fit properly and are comfortable. High heels can be a great deal of pressure on the feet and lead to pain. Ladies need to try to avoid high heels when possible. They may look stylish but they are not good for the feet at all. If the shoes are too tight this can lead to pain and discomfort. It can also lead to dry spots on the feet. Sneakers and boots need to be aired out on a regular basis. This will help remove bacteria from growing in them. There are a number of foot powders that can be put into the sneakers to help fight odour. Baby powder can also be used. Washing the shoes is also a good idea. If a person wears shoes that smell this can do damage to the feet. The odour from the shoe, as well as the bacteria, can be transferred to the feet. This can lead to an odour that will be tough to get rid of.

Add Some Moisture

It is easy for feet to become dried out. They are exposed to a number of different elements and it does not take much for the feet to get tired are dry. The meat needs to be replenished with the moisture they have lost during the day. When the day is done add some moisturizer to the feet. This moisturizer used can be the same as the cream that is used for the body. Once applying the moisturizer put on a pair of clean socks. This will allow the moisturizer to stay on the feet. If a person is looking to get an even more intense moisturizing effect they can use vegetable oil instead of cream. They will need to put socks on right away as this can become rather slippery.

Give the Feet a Chance to Rest

If a person is on their feet for a long period of time they are at an increased risk for their skin cracking and the bottom of the feet becoming sore. If a person is walking or stand they are putting their feet at additional risk for cracking. The feet will need a break. When a person gets home from work they need to stop and rest. They should stay off their feet for some time so they do not get cracked heels or soreness.

Foot Massage

After a person has been on their feet all day they should give themselves a nice foot massage. This will help improve the circulation of blood to the feet and will relieve some of the pain and pressure that a person has been feeling during the day. When the feet are being rubbed exfoliation oil can be used as well. This will help make the skin on the feet smooth and soft once again.

Avoid a Pedicure

Many people think that getting a pedicure will help soothe their tired and cracking feet. While a pedicure can feet good for the feet choose are tired and sore there are some sanitary conditions to keep in mind. Shops that use water baths are putting a person at risk of contracting foot fungus. If they do not properly clean their supplies after each client this can spread foot fungus as well. it is better to skip the professional services and take care of the feet at home. If a person does want a professional to service their feet they should check out the shop and make sure it is clean and follows all safety codes.

Keep Track of Changes

Keep an eye on the feet and look for changes. Look for any signs of blistering, cuts, swelling, as well as red spots that were not there before. Keep an eye on the bottom of the feet. It is important to look for changes on the feet in order to keep them healthy. If a person notices these changes to these feet they should see their doctor make sure that everything is okay.

Homemade Moisturizer

If the feet are very tired and cracked a person should make a homemade moisturizer to help soften their feet and reduce the damage. Before going to bed a person should put petroleum jelly on their feet. They should then put some socks on. The petroleum jelly has been shown to soften the feet. This should be done right before a person goes to bed. There are other at home methods that can also be used to soften the feet. A person can get Vitamin E capsules and break them open. Vitamin E can be applied right to the feet. Each foot is then placed in a plastic bag and the bag is secured. This should be left on during the night. When a person wakes up they will notice that their feet are a lot smoother.

Homemade Foot Scrub

There is a nice homemade foot scrub that can be used to help soften the feet. This foot scrub is easy to make and will remove the dead skin cells from the feet. After using the scrub the feet will feel a lot smoother. To make this foot scrub a person will mix a ½ cup of brown sugar, a spoonful of honey, and a half cup of oil. A little bit of lemon juice can be added to the mixture as well. Brown sugar is gentle and will not be as harsh on the foot as white sugar. Honey is used to help soften the feet. The lemon juice is used to help the skin tone.

Before using the scrub a person should soak their feet in warm water for a period of 10 minutes. After this time they should massage the scrub onto their feet. They need to focus on the problem areas such as the heels and the balls of the feet which are prone to calluses. A person should massage the feet for a couple of minutes and then allow the scrub to sit on the foot for a period of one minute. It should be then rinsed off using warm water. After using this scrub a moisturizer should be allowed to the feet and a person should put on a pair of clean socks.

Since the dead skin cells are gone a person will be able to keep the moisture in their feet. The moisturizer will be able to get deep down into the skin and will help keep the feet soft and smooth.

These are some tips that a person can follow to ease their tired and cracking feet. These tips will allow a person to have smooth feet and healthy looking skin on the feet. Feet are rather delicate and while a person may have a regular foot care routine they may forget about their feet. These tips will allow a person to have feet that a smooth and best of all pain-free.

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