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There are physical therapists who say that pain in the joints can be contributed to chronic arthritis. It’s also been contributed to fibromyalgia patients. In fact, those who suffer from joint pain can help reduce it with vitamins and supplements and low impact exercises.  



The Main Two Vitamins 

Vitamins and supplements such as Vitamin D  and Calcium are two that are important for arthritis. In fact, it can help in the battle of joint mobility problems. What it does is “cement collagen” while aiding in the strength of the bones. This leads to the mobility of joints and also gives the amount of lubrication a smooth, easier way to move around.


With repeating movements to certain bones or areas of the joints; for instance, the shoulder can become problematic. This is why the “milk does the body good” phrase became popular as well because of these findings of Vitamin D and Calcium. Some foods that provide Vitamin D and calcium are fortified oatmeal, sardines, cheddar cheese, and collard greens such as broccoli. Purchasing vitamin supplements can really help along with eating these types of foods as well.



Work Out Training Programs  

The development in workout training programs can help along with the vitamins and supplements. With a workout routine, such as low-impact aerobics or swimming, your pain will be reduced, maybe even be eliminated altogether. The reason is that the muscles around those problem areas are being worked out but not too harshly. Swimming is perfect for battling arthritis because of the buoyancy of the water. Your mood will even be enhanced also because of the reduced pain in the bones and joints making you feel a whole lot better.


Finally, therefore, having a low impact exercise routine and Vitamin D and Calcium, you’ll be able to reduce the pain in your joints and bones. The last thing you need is to be in pain if you work on certain areas of your body repeatedly.

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