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Vitamin C offers a multitude of benefits to those that consume it as well as the others that apply it topically. There are too many positives really to encapsulate into one small article. However, there are some major advantages that should be noted. The following is a listing of some of the most notable perks.



Vitamin C can also be known as L-ascorbic acid. To get the benefits, people must eat the vitamin for many of the nutritionally categorized values. Vitamin C is used to make collagen, neurotransmitters, and L-carnitine. It is also an antioxidant. Basically, collagen is necessary for proper skin health. It is used to create the epidermis and also aids in the healing process of the skin. Many people drink collagen to receive the benefits. These people might be better going back to good old-fashioned Vitamin C. Not only will their wallets be heavier, but they will be getting to the root of why their body might not be creating enough collagen. Nutritional deficiencies are one of the major reasons that people notice that their skin is dull.

Antioxidants prevent the creation of free radicals. These free radicals split cells and lead to aging. They can also lead to more serious conditions such as cancers. It’s important to never underestimate how much Vitamin C can really do for a person. Just look at the neurotransmitters. They are responsible for all body functions and for mental health. A person who wants to stay healthy should really take daily vitamin C supplements. It’s one of the few vitamins that experts actually recommend. Most vitamins do not really get absorbed in pill form, but experts claim that vitamin C might be worth investing in the pills.


Oranges with vitamin c.




In addition to those benefits, vitamin C has practical applications. Early sailors noticed that their teeth were falling out due to scurvy. They needed daily vitamin C to prevent this condition. The sailors started packing limes on their journeys. This is why they were sometimes known as Limies. Even though limes have great Vitamin C, oranges and lemons are also strong sources. Most fruits contain a certain amount of this vitamin naturally. Potatoes do contain a valuable source as well. Just don’t expect any of the fried varieties to contain the nutrient. Most of it has been leeched out by the deep frying process.



Others claim that vitamin C applied topically has saved their skin. It does promote regeneration and the synthesis of collagen. That is why many people use it in the form of a serum. Just be sure that the vial that contains thiamin serum is dark. If the light hits the serum, the vitamin C can begin to degenerate. That can mean that the person is not even really getting the vitamin if it stays out on the counter for a few days. Some products contain beads that can be crushed to contain the vitamin. These are effective ways of shielding the liquid to direct sunlight.



When determining a dosage, aim for no more than one gram a day. After this, 50% of the vitamin is excreted in the urine. It is counterproductive to overdose. One of the good things though is that if you do intake too much, it is not harmful to you. Your body will filter it out with the kidneys and just add the substance to the urine. When the body has less than 300 mg of vitamin C, then it is nearing scurvy. If you experience fatigue, malaise, or inflammation of the gums, then you might be at risk for scurvy. It is best to visit a physician for a blood work up but also to begin eating enough vitamin C each day.


Oranges in trees.



Vitamin C should be consumed intentionally each day. It is plentiful in most fruits and vegetables. That means people just have to eat more of the recommended level of fruits and vegetables according to the food guide. They will be more able to function in their daily lives and will not have to worry about contracting scurvy. Make sure that you take a supplement each day if you are in doubt of what is the right level. All in all, you will feel better if you consume enough vitamin C.

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