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(And Everything Else) in Your Bathroom Routine and Everyday Life



Only 22% of Americans Floss Daily

The other 78% is leaving their dental health at great risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities. So which group do you want to be in?



This simple trick helped our test subject increase flossing from ten times during the average month, to 25 times per month, which is a 150% increase. Though 25 times per month flossing is not perfect, it is still a huge improvement and our process can help you start forming better habits too!



Use This Trick to Promote any Good Habit

Most of us probably have some sort of daily pattern that resembles a “bathroom routine”. In the morning after coffee and breakfast, many of us head to the bathroom to brush our teeth, fix our hair, shave, apply make-up – whatever it is that defines what one must do to start the day.



According to WebMD, over half of Americans take a nutritional supplement. The thing about many supplements, however, is that consistent intake is necessary to see results. Skipping days is not advised in most cases. The same can be said for using products like a daily moisturizer with SPF or a hair growth treatment like minoxidil. According to most studies, consistency is key!



Using this trick in your daily routines will help you achieve across the board improvement in your consistency with your bathroom regimen.

Good Habits are Hard to Develop

There is a myth out there that it takes 21 days to form a good habit. However, according to some recent studies, this is false. Habits take over two months of serious commitment (61 days to be exact) to form.

On the surface, someone serious about working some good habits in their life could theoretically tackle six new habits in approximately one year. That would obviously be a challenge, but here is the basic formula for success:


  • Take small steps. For example, go from not exercising at all to exercising twice per week. Then increase incrementally from there.
  • Only try one habit at a time. Remember, theoretically there is enough time in one year to work on six habits, so there is no need to try them all at once.
  • Write the habit down and use the power of checklists


The Power of Checklists

Number three from above, checklists, is that secret last step that many people overlook. When people overlook this step they often fail because a key to developing a good habit makes repeating the habit as simple as possible.


Professionals in high-pressure jobs like pilots, doctors, and soldiers rely on checklists every day to ensure that their work is completed thoroughly. Skipping one simple step for these people could lead to catastrophe, so checklists provide a failsafe way to ensure that the work gets done properly.


And who wants to have to think in the morning! Using a checklist for your bathroom routine will give your mind a break so that you don’t have to remember every item on your routine.

Our 60-Day Challenge

Our test subject used this simple notecard on his mirror in his bathroom. On a calendar, he marked the days and times when the routine was successfully completed. Over the 60-day period, the routine was completed 50 times. This simple notecard was the key ingredient for our subject realizing success.

Our Test Subject’s Note Card



  1. Floss with Glide flossers
  2. Rogaine
  3. Brush for 2 minutes
  4. Supplements
  5. Electric Pre-Shave Splash
  6. Shave with an electric shaver
  7. Trader Joe’s SPF daily moisturizer
  8. Comb hair



  1. Trader Joe’s facial cleanser
  2. Supplements
  3. Rogaine
  4. Brush for two minutes
  5. Prep retainer



In analyzing the calendar, it appeared the subject had a difficult time during the weekend staying on routine. So perhaps in the next 60 days, he should think about getting more organized on the weekends?



Who would have thought that a notecard worth one cent could change your life! Let’s hope this simple strategy can work for you too!




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