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There are literally thousands of hair care products on the market right now; it probably wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that you easily have at least 10 or more in your bathroom vanity alone. Our obsession with products is deeply rooted in the desire to just keep our tresses as tame as possible. We all know that hairs tend to not cooperate on most days, and products are supposed to keep hair in line. However, that’s not always the case as is evident with all the products you accumulate from trying to find one that will work.


The truth is sometimes you don’t need products to get your best hair possible. Here are 6 no-product hair care tips to get your hair healthy and keep it that way.




1. Don’t shampoo it every day.

Regardless of how oily or dry your hair may be, just don’t wash it every day. Even washing it every other day is eons better than stripping hair of its natural moisture each day with repeated shampooing. If you feel like your scalp tends to get too oily, stop touching your hair or your scalp. Every time you touch them, you’re transferring the oils from your hand onto your hair or your head. Keep your hands down and washing to a minimum; you’re likely to see a difference.

2. Brush it every day, at least twice a day.

Regardless of what kind of brush or comb you use to do it, just make sure you do it daily. Twice a day is even better—once in the morning and once at night. Brushing your hair stimulates the scalp to grow and produce more hair. Just makes sure that you’re brushing gently. Harsh brushing can cause damage to your roots and ends.

3. Never use hot water to wash your hair.

Hot water feels so good sometimes, but it’s quite damaging to your hair. Hot water will only dry out your hair tremendously. That causes a lot of tangles, which can then result in breakage. Warm water will work best while you’re shampooing, but make sure to finish off in the shower with some cool water. The cool water will lock in the moisture in your hair, leaving it shiny after you shampoo.



4. Use only low heat setting on your hair.

If you have to use heat styling devices on your hair, try to use low heat settings on your hair as much as possible—if not always. High heat is one of your hair’s biggest enemies. Gently towel dry as much moisture out as you can before you apply heat. This reduces your hair’s exposure to heat by quite a bit. Even a little goes a long way. Your best option to keep your hair as healthy as possible is to air dry it as often as you can. You can style it however you wish afterward, but your heating time will be dramatically decreased.



5. Sleep better.

It’s necessary for you to get your 8 hours of sleep every night not just for your hair but also for your entire wellbeing. Remember that your hair is an organic part of your body that also needs sustenance and rest. Sleeping allows your entire body, including your hair, to recuperate from damage done during the day. In addition, you can magnify the effects of sleep on your hair simply by improving your sleeping conditions. Sleeping on a rough cotton pillowcase is as rough on your hair as if you were to rub it with a shirt randomly during the day. It’s absolutely not good. If you can find yourself a decent silk pillowcase, your hair will be all the better for it. Otherwise, a simple silk wrap will suffice.



6. Eat better.

Last but not the least, you need to put in better foods in your body. As we’ve mentioned previously, your hair needs sustenance just like the rest of your body. If you’re not giving your body the proper nutrition it needs, you can expect your hair to look malnourished as well. Natural hair shine can be achieved by eating the right kinds of foods—those that are rich in protein. Add salmon, beans, and soy to your diet and see what happens.

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