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Oral hygiene is part of overall health and hygiene. We must practice the best oral health habits to keep our teeth healthy and strong. Achieving healthy teeth takes time and plenty of care. Even if others tell you that you have a beautiful smile and teeth, you need to take regular care of your teeth.


Taking care of the oral health keeps the diseases at bay and helps us maintain a great smile. This post shares the top five oral health habits that everybody should practice to maintain their dental health.



Brush your teeth


Ways to brush your teeth.




Most of the dental problems begin with the food particles that stick to the teeth during sleep. Most people are not in the habit of brushing their teeth before sleep. Brushing your teeth before going to bed is essential for your dental health. Brushing removes the plaque and food particles from teeth and also fights the bacteria that harm your teeth and gums.


Brushing is not sufficient if not done properly. Improper brushing is as bad as not brushing at all. You need to brush your teeth properly to clean the plaque and bacteria. Move the brush in gentle circular movements to remove the plaque and food particles from the teeth. Moreover, it is better to use a brush with zigzag bristles which clean the spaces between the teeth.


Even when you don’t have time to brush your teeth, you should use mouthwash as it removes the plaque and harmful bacteria from your mouth and prevents them from growing back. Always use fluoride toothpaste.


Using fluoride while brushing.




Choosing the right toothpaste is essential for your dental health. You should always use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth. No matter which brand you use, but it should contain fluoride, as it provides an excellent defence against decaying of teeth.
Fluoride fights against the harmful bacteria responsible for tooth decay and mouth odour. It also offers a protective shield against the germs for your teeth. After brushing your teeth, it is essential to rinse your mouth thoroughly to remove the toothpaste entirely.



Limit the intake of sugar and acidic foods

Various fruits.




Acids are the primary substance that erodes the teeth enamel which leads to cavities. Acidic foods and beverages can wear down the tooth enamel. So it is essential to limit the intake of acidic foods and drinks for your dental health.


Citrus fruits like oranges are examples of acidic foods which we should consume in a limit. Such fruits are good for overall health but bad for your teeth. They contain citric acids that harm your teeth and should be consumed in limits.


Foods containing sugars are also harmful to teeth. Chocolates, candies and sweet drinks should not be consumed to maintain your oral health. The sugar we consume in foods converts to acid in the mouth which harms the tooth enamel.



Avoid tea, coffee, and carbonated drinks.

Various teas.





Tea and coffee are harmful to oral health. We use sugar and milk in tea and coffee. The milk is acidic in nature and sugar invites bacteria in our mouth. If you are habitual of drinking tea or coffee, you should limit their intake, if you cannot avoid them entirely.


It is better to use mouthwash a few minutes after the consuming tea, coffee or foods containing acids and sugars. Mouthwash helps reduce the amount of acid in the mouth and re-mineralizes the teeth. It also prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth.


In addition, it is also essential to avoid the consumption of carbonated drinks for dental health. Carbonated beverages contain the highest levels of acids, sugars, and preservatives that are harmful to tooth enamel.



Regular visits for dental check-ups


Dental clinic.






Most people do not visit a dentist unless and until they have a toothache or other dental problem. Dental visits are not only for dental implants but regular oral checkups. Every family should visit the dentist every six months for routine dental checkups.


Regular dental checkups help the dentist to detect any early signs of tooth decay or cavities. The early detection of dental issues enables you to start the treatment before the problems get worse. Even people who brush twice a day and have healthy teeth should visit the dentist every six months for regular checkups.


Some dental insurance companies cover the cost of dental checkups. If you visit the dentist regularly or have a history of dental issues, you can have the benefit of dental insurance.




Final Words

Oral health is essential to maintain overall health. The points mentioned in this post are the top oral health tips that every family should practice to maintain dental health. Taking care of the foods we consume, regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental checkups help us to maintain healthy teeth and a sweet smile.


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