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Tooth decay is, of course, one of the biggest threats to your dental health. Whether you’ve had the condition in the past or not, you may want to make certain you’re doing the right things to prevent cavities and keep a healthful smile. I have provided a few tips on how to prevent tooth decay.

Follow the tips on this page and get personalized advice from your dentist

This may assist your mouth and your wallet. You might first want to remind yourself of the elements that cause decay, to check if you’ve any improper habits.

The way to prevent tooth decay?

Here are six important and proven tips on how to prevent tooth decay:


Decay Buster!

Fluoride is a very important weapon in the fight against cavities. Fluoridated water supplies are present in certain areas, where it’s been extremely beneficial in assisting prevent dental caries.

How does fluoride help?

By strengthening the tooth, reversing early harm and reducing the consequences of plaque bacteria. So it can prevent harm from starting and also slow it down if it does begin.

Your dentist will advise you on what products to use and what strength or concentration to use. You need to ensure that kids don’t ingest too much, to avoid the potential risk of fluorosis.


Watch Your Sugars and Snacks!

Limit both the frequency and amount of sugar\/carbohydrates, to reduce the time when your teeth are under attack from the plaque acids.

Avoid snacks between meals to allow the tooth time to recover.

Rinse your mouth out with water, milk or mouthwash if you do ever eat between meals. Similarly, stomach acids might lead to tooth damage if you’ve acid reflux, bulimia or some other comparable problem- prevention is very important as major harm can result.

Detailed advice on harmful foods, drinks, and snacks are found all over the web click here for the best information on that topic

Oral Hygiene:

Beat the Plaque Build-up.

Brush two times a day with fluoride toothpaste, clean between your teeth and use a fluoride mouthwash. Combined, this dental hygiene routine will enable the advantages of fluoride and also reduce the quantity of plaque build-up.

Fluoride in and plaque away = more powerful tooth and less decay. Note that certain dental treatments could make dental hygiene more strenuous- but it’s even more important to keep things clean in such cases

e.g. With braces, crowns or bridges on site or with dentures. Tooth mousse can be beneficial for all those at high risk of caries.

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