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Wedding is great, but it can be tremendously hectic too. Even the best day in the life can bring anxiety and depression of own, and brides or grooms-to-be must be ready for that. It’s common for people to get too consumed with all a wedding stands – from looking their best to putting not a foot wrong to being presentable to living up to the expectations and all such things. So, pre-wedding jitters are natural and if allowed to reign supreme, it can snowball into more problems of anxiety. The good thing is, you can stay calm, collected and cool to tackle such depression and enjoy the D-day like any other. 

Here are some of tips to fight pre-wedding depression – 

1. Pour your heart out, talk to people you trust  

If something is bothering you, don’t keep it all stored up. Else, it can clog the mind and its tentacles can reach the spirit in no time. In such cases, it’s always to open up, pour the heart contents out and share with others whatever you’re going through. You can trust the loved ones as they will help you maintain the composure in such times. Plus, when you open the heart out, all what you hold within sort of rolls out and this eases the jitters to some extent. Sharing is a powerful way feel light on the heart.    

2. Confide in your partner

You’re having pre-wedding fears and intent on not sharing it with the partner can actually intensify the problem. The person you’re going to marry should be the first to know what’s going on in the mind as it can relieve you greatly. When you confide in the partner, you get off a lot of emotional baggage that is troubling you and causing anxiety. Your soulmate may offer the much-needed sentimental support which can see you through this temporary phase. So, trust your partner and let him/her know how your feeling as this will help ease the nerves a lot.  

3. Know the triggers 

If you know the triggers causing jitters, you can easily overcome them and prepare for the wedding like a confident person. Anything occupying your mind, be it the wedding planning stress, lofty expectations of in-laws or anything, should be known first before seeing remedy for them. Once you know what is pushing you to the negative thoughts, you can find ways to take the mind off them and stay in the present. If you know the warning signs, you can definitely work on them and avoid a nervous breakdown on the big day. 

4. Find your comfort zone 

Nervousness is often the result of being not feeling comfortable about any event or situation in life. Such situations go against out mental thought, so they push us towards negative thinking. If we want to challenge them head on, it’s better to find the comfort zone and stay into that. This zone could be a space where you feel more at ease with yourself or thoughts that keep you away from all that is going within. If you can manage to take your attention of the pressing issues at hand, the edginess will definitely go up to restore the former self of you.   

5. Seek medical help

If nothing works, there is always medical help to turn to. Don’t feel hesitated a bit in consulting a psychiatrist as mental problems are not and never a stigma. You can find professional help, guidance and counselling to get back your usual being with treatment. Once you’re fit, there will be no worries of event orgnisationor planning on any scale.  

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