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When people think about the things that they do every day to take care of themselves, caring for their feet may not be top of the list. However, this can be a mistake because a lot of foot conditions can be prevented if a little bit of attention is paid to the feet on a regular basis. Some basic foot care tips are described in more detail below.




Wash Your Feet Daily

Your feet should be washed daily, and this is something that you can do easily in the bath or shower. You should avoid soaking your feet for an extended period as this can cause your feet to become too dry. The areas between the toes are often neglected so make sure that these are washed as well.

Apply A Moisturizer Daily

In order to prevent skin on the feet from becoming dry, a moisturizer should be applied on a daily basis. The best time to do this is when the feet are damp, so after you come out of the shower or bath is the ideal time. There are moisturizers that you can buy that are specifically designed to be used on the feet.




Avoid Walking Barefoot

Walking without shoes can cause a lot of damage to your feet. Shoes provide a lot of support to your feet that is just not there when you are barefoot. It is not recommended that you spend a lot of time outdoors without any shoes as there is a chance that you could tread on something that could cause injury.




Don’t Ignore Any Pain

It is not normal to have any pain in your feet and so if you feel something is not right then you should not ignore it. Many problems with the feet can be put right with treatment from a chiropodist and the earlier they are treated, the easier they are to put right.



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