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Surrogacy is a life-changing Decision for any parent.

Surrogacy is a very serious responsibility. When a woman agrees to become a surrogate mother, she is basically offering you’re her time, energy and her body. When you choose surrogacy, a decision is made on the surrogate mother’s side on an emotional level. Her decision to help you who is less fortunate shows her personal compassion, her sense of dignity, and her deep and abiding generosity.


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Moral Compass for a Surrogate Mother

Compassion and commitment should be taken as the most important qualities without a doubt to look for in a surrogate mother. There are definitely a number of other factors that one should take into consideration. You have to make sure that the mother is health conscious because the health of both the mother and child during the period of surrogacy is of the highest concern, she should be capable of handling the responsibility placed upon her shoulders. She must maintain a clean and healthy environment – for herself, and for the sake of the health of the child, she is carrying.

The below list is an accurate representation of factors which should be taken into consideration when reviewing an application for a prospective surrogate mother.


  • The prospective mother should be of Age between 21-39 years old
  • Her BMI (Body Mass Index)between 18-34.
  • She should be a non-smoker and must live in a non-smoking environment.
  • Her clinical history should not reflect any mental illness.


To make sure the delivery of a healthy child, without complications a surrogate mother should be in her prime childbearing age. This phase will help her body take the severe stress of childbearing on her body with much ease and she will also recover faster after the surrogacy period is over. A surrogate mother should be in a state of great health and should be free from conditions that may affect child health after birth. She must also be free of stress factors as the period would be demanding personal responsibility.


Financially sound

You have to make sure that the person bearing your child is financially secured. Stress resulting from financial difficulties causes complications in pregnancy, as financial issues are like to give rise to instability and stress everywhere else in one’s life. The tiresome process of childbearing is extremely stressful as it is and on top of that any other stress would exhaust the mother’s mind and create severe instabilities. The fact known and established in her mind that the child being born is to be given to someone else is already an emotional journey in itself.


Your goal should be to reduce other risk factors for stress and complications, at every stage of the process. Seek a financial consultant at the surrogacy clinic in India who will explain to you and the surrogate the financial terms, payment schedule, and incentive payables. Just make sure that financial arrangements are explained to her satisfaction satisfying to both parties.



She must already have given birth to one child and must be raising him/her.

A surrogate mother should have previous childbearing experience. Giving birth to a child requires a person to take a lot of care as the life being born inside her is fragile and susceptible to minor to major forms of illnesses.

Necessary care needed during surrogate pregnancy.



It is always important to eat well-balanced meals with a variety of healthy foods during pregnancy. She should consume plenty of protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables, and avoid certain foods like fish that may contain high levels of mercury. Premature labor is a possibility cased mostly by dehydration, so taking extra care during pregnancy and drinking plenty of water will help prevent that. Water will also help transfer important vitamins and minerals to the baby.



Frozen strawberrie and apple.Different types of nutrients during pregnancy

different types of protetinBanana Recipe








A surrogate mother must aim for at least eight hours of sleep a night. Once she is past her first trimester, she will likely need to start sleeping on her side. Sleeping on her back might cut off the blood supply to the unborn child and make her feel lightheaded.



Pregnant woman resting.








Staying Active

Yoga, meditation, and other activities under the supervision of an expert, breathing exercises can help reduce pregnancy symptoms, boost her mood, and even make labor and final delivery less daunting. Mindful meditation and making her listen to soft music can all contribute to a healthy mind and a healthy pregnancy.



Ways to exercise when pregnant.







Keep transportation 

This responsibility must be taken care of by you just to be extra precautions. A private transport facility should be kept up and ready during the last month of pregnancy just in case there is an emergency.

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