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As someone with a busy lifestyle, I always managed to stay fit, even in my late twenties. There might have been times where I tipped the scale at the higher end of normal, but I still managed to keep myself in check.


In my late twenties, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. This meant that I would have to take medication for life. Unfortunately, the range of medications for my illness means that I have less energy than before and am prone to weight gain. To demonstrate this fact to myself, I gained 38 pounds in the span of a year.


Once I hit the overweight category, my complacency kicked into high gear. I managed to go for hour-long walks a couple of times a week, but the pounds kept packing on.


I finally realized that I needed to work out in order to lose weight. For me, the best workout programs involved consistency and intensity. I decided to devise work-out training programs that incorporated by knowledge from my days as an athlete.


So I bought myself some affordable workout accessories and got down to business. I ate as though I needed sports nutrition, but always at a calorie deficit. My half hour workouts were timed to the minute. I would do seven minutes of cardio as I had been instructed by my old trainer and then do more targeted exercise.


These workouts were easy to do from home, and I rotated leg day, arm day, and abdominal day. If I missed one day I didn’t freak out, but I made it a priority to do 6 to 7 days of working out.


During a two-month period, I started shrinking. I gained a lot of muscle tone and also lost weight. I view these work-out training programs as a lifestyle intervention. I also swim laps on the days that it is nice outside instead of indoor workouts.


If anyone is looking to get fitter and lose weight, I highly recommend devising 30-minute workout sessions for at home and sticking to the program.


Workout training programs:

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