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Cannabidiol, or shortly known as CBD, is a chemical that naturally occurs in the cannabis plants. It is part of the cannabinoids group, together with THC, CBC, and other similar compounds. However, it is worth mentioning that CBD does not provide psychoactive side-effects, as THC does. On the contrary, it has a wide range of medicinal applications, as many researchers and doctors discovered in recent years. CBD occurs in the cannabis plant together with the other kinds of cannabinoids. Thus, in order to obtain CBD oil with high purity, this compound must be isolated from all the rest. Usually, cannabis strains richer in CBD are used for the making of CBD oil. 

Although there wasn’t much knowledge about the potential of CBD at the beginning of the 20th century, in spite of the fact that many people used cannabis for medicinal purposes ever since then. But, recent studies showed that CBD has incredible potential when it comes to treating both mild and severe health conditions. Thus, we can expect things to change from now on, since CBD got the attention of the medical and scientific world alike.

Where does CBD come from?

Both the cannabis and hemp plants contain CBD in various quantities. In order to find out just how much CBD can be extracted from a plant, the first step is to see which plant parts contain the highest amount of CBD. This substance can be in various parts of the plant, some containing more CBD than others. As dioecious plants, cannabis plants can be found split into female and male plants. 

Thus, the development of seeds on the female plants depends on the pollination with pollen granules from the male plants.   When it comes to the CBD content of these plants, it is worth mentioning that female plants contain a higher amount of CBD than the male plants, especially in their flowers.

The flowers produced by the female plants present special grows at the surface, known as trichomes. Due to the fact that the trichomes contain a thick substance, known as resin, they hold up to 95% of the cannabinoids produced by the entire plant. Besides the flowers, the leaves are the second most important plant part when it comes to CBD content. 

The stem and branches of the plant contain little cannabinoids, which are usually scattered all over, so it is not effective to use these parts for the extraction of CBD. The seeds and roots contain almost no CBD at all, so they will never be used for such purposes.

Hemp seed oil is not CBD oil

Although CBD oil is extracted from hemp, it is worth mentioning that hemp seed oil is not the same with CBD oil. These are two different products, with two different purposes. Thus, if one wishes to tap into the benefits of using CBD oil, one needs to know that hemp seed oil is not going to provide them.

Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant and is, practically, food, having the same applications like any other oil extracted from plants. You can use it when cooking your food, in your salads, as a supplement, and even on your skin, as a topical treatment. 

Due to its high content of healthy fatty acids, such as omega-3, it is one of the best oils one can consume for its health. But, it does not contain CBD at all. This is why you will find it in larger bottles, as you can consume it just like you consume any other kind of oil.

CBD oil, on the other hand, is produced precisely for its CBD content. It is usually available in much smaller quantities, as a result of refinement procedures of the plant extracts. Also, the daily dose is smaller, as CBD oil is intended to be a treatment for a health condition or vitamin supplement, rather than being used as food. This is why CBD oil is more expensive than hemp seed oil. The purer and concentrated the CBD oil is, the higher the price will be, as special methods must be employed to preserve the purity and concentration of this product.

The legal status of CBD in 2019 – New Farm Bill signed by Donald Trump

The good news concerning the new Farm Bill, signed in 2018 and effective in 2019, is that hemp is now no longer part of marijuana’s family. Thus, it was excluded from federal control, which used the Controlled Substances Act to regulate the farming of hemp and manufacturing of products derived from hemp. If the hemp or cannabis plant contains a THC level that does not exceed the threshold of 0.3%, it is not considered to be marijuana. Starting with this bill, the USDA will control the farming of hemp.

Epidiolex, a pharmaceutical CBD product approved by the FDA

Epidiolex, a pharmaceutical product based on CBD, was finally approved by the FDA in June 2018. This means that this is now an official drug that can be used by those that need it. Epidiolex was developed to help those suffering from epilepsy to manage the unwanted side-effects triggered by this condition. 

This product is different from all the other products that contain CBD oil. In the case of Epidiolex, CBD was isolated from the rest of the plant’s components and included in a carrier oil, which makes its administration easier. Still, its official approval was waited by many and this can represent a promising start in the pharmaceutical domain concerning CBD-based drugs.

The future of CBD – how will the market develop?

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There are some worried that the approval of Epidiolex will threaten the rest of the market surrounding CBD products. But, this is not true, as this particular market niche is expected to grow even more in the coming years. Epidiolex is a pharmaceutical product, a drug that was specially developed for the management of a particular health condition. 

But, people still need affordable and easy-to-use CBD products, which will help them with anxiety, stress management, sleep disorders, and many other frequently met conditions. Thus, this sector of the market is expected to double until 2022, in comparison with the level it reached in 2018. Everyone interested in doing business in this market should know that the future looks promising and bright.


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