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Introducing, The Dukan Diet Guide 101




The Dukan Diets 4 stages might be hard to understand for newcomers yet this article will help clarify everything.




What you need to know is the Dukan diet against its claims is not a simple diet. Nevertheless, it also does work, however not as quickly as it is believed. One other important truth is so contrary to speculation, Kate Middleton didn’t utilize this diet to get ready for her Royal wedding.

It was this rumor that made off the Dukan diet blast. There have been many people who’ve assured this diet works well for them and there also have been many who’ve believed it dangerous and contentious including medical facilities.

No matter what, check out diets and see what works and what to expect from it prior to trying it out. And to be able to do that, you will need to know a four phases work.




Here there, explained in detail:


Stage 1:


The diet starts with you eating protein, although nothing.

For five-10 days, you’ll eat nothing, but nourishment and drink 8 glasses of water every day. There is no limitation to how much you can eat, but a frequent side effect you may encounter is gingivitis from doing this.




Nevertheless, on the other hand, this is actually the only phase where you will lose a lot of weight. As much as 1 lb or more daily. It’s a result of the protein consumption that feeds muscles and causes the body to burn off fat.




A frequent question people have about the attack stage is Everything happens if you will need to lose more than 10 pounds, 15, 20 or more?




The answer is that no matter how much weight you will need to lose, you shouldn’t go over the 10-day limitation with this phase as it may get dangerous.




Whatever weight you will need to lose will happen throughout the next phase.




Stage 2:


The Cruise phase will continue on that the same line of eating you did in that the first phase, but now on alternate days, you will add; vegetables to your meals in a 50/50 ratio.




You can consume an unlimited amount of vegetables and proteins as long as you maintain the 50/50 ratio. Nevertheless, you can’t eat avocado as they contain fat.




Every other vegetable is allowed.




Throughout the following day, you’ll go back to every phase 1 eating style and consume nothing, but protein.




The same rule for drinking 8 glasses of water per day applies here.




Example of how this works:


Every Sun, Tues, Thur & Sat, you will eat protein\/vegetable meals in a 50/50 ratio.



Every Mon, Wed & Fri, you will eat only protein, the same way you did during phase 1. Everything you will need to know about the Cruise stage is that weight reduction results greatly diminish here.



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