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Sex education is offered in several schools, but do not rely on classroom instruction alone. Sex education should occur at home. Here is help talking to your teenager about sex. Sex instruction basics can be covered in health class, but your adolescent may not hear or understand everything she or he needs to know to create tough decisions about gender. That is where you come in. Awkward as it may be, gender education is a parent’s duty. Here are a few tips on teaching sex education to your adolescent.


By strengthening and supplementing what your adolescent learns in school, you may set the stage throughout a lifetime of healthful sexuality.



Breaking the ice.

Gender is a staple topic of news, entertainment, and promotion. But when parents and teenagers need to talk, it is not always so easy.


Here are a few ideas to assist you to begin and keep the dialogue going.



Seize the moment.

When a Video program or music video raises problems regarding responsible sexual behavior, use it as a springboard for debate. Remember that each day minutes such as riding in the vehicle or set aside spending sometimes offer the best chances to speak.



Be honest.

Plainly state your emotions about specific issues, like oral sex and intercourse.


Present the risks objectively, including psychological pain, sexually transmitted diseases, and unplanned pregnancy. Explain that oral sex is not a risk-free solution to intercourse. Think about your teen’s viewpoint.


Don’t lecture your adolescent or count on scare tactics to discourage sexual activity. Understand the pressures, concerns, and challenges of your teen.



Move beyond the facts.

Your teenager needs accurate details about sex, but it is just as important to talk about emotions, attitudes, and values. Examine questions of ethics and liability in the context of your own or spiritual beliefs. Invite more discussion.


Let your teenager know that it is fine to talk with you about sex if she or he’s concerns or questions. Reward questions by saying, I am glad you came to me.



Addressing tough topics

Sex instruction for teenagers includes abstinence, date rape, homosexuality along with other tough topics.


Be ready for questions such as these: How will I know I am ready for sex? Various factors peer pressure, curiosity, and isolation, to mention a couple of steers some teenagers into early sexual activity. But there is no rush. Remind your teenager that it is Okay to wait.



Sex is adult behavior.

Any form of forced gender is rape if the author is a stranger or someone your teenager has been dating. Impress upon your teenager that no always means no. Emphasize that alcohol and drugs impair judgment and reduce inhibitions, leading to scenarios wherein date rape is more prone to occur.


What if I think I am gay? Many teenagers wonder at some point whether they are gay or bisexual. Help your teenager understand that she or he is just starting to explore sexual attraction.

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