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 Reasons to Post & Share Your Content with
Correct Your Health


Guest Post Pricing Model (MUST PAY FIRST)

SEND TO: [email protected] 

(Single) Per Guest post – $10

(5 or more) – $20 *only* (Then only $5 each) *please email for additional $5 each*

     *Per Order*


You also have the option to subscribe to our monthly article posting plan:

Guest Post Subscription Pricing & Plans


10 Articles - $29.99 Monthly


20 Guest Posts - $39.99 Monthly


30 Guest Posts - $49.99 Monthly


40 Guest Posts - $59.99 Monthly


50 Guest Posts - $69.99 Monthly


60 Guest Posts - $79.99 Monthly


80 - 100 Guest Posts - $89.99 Monthly


101 – Unlimited – (Please contact to negotiate)


*After ordering bulk please email me about the additional guest posts for $5 each instead of $20.*
>[email protected]< Editor (Owner)


>[email protected]< Customer Service Manager (CSM)



Link-to-Content Pricing & Plans (MUST PAY FIRST)

1 Link(s) – $9.99


2 link(s) – $13.99
3 link(s) – $23.99
4 link(s) – $32.99
5 link(s) – $42.99
6 link(s) – $53.99
7 link(s) – $62.99

8 link(s) – $73.99
9 link(s) – $81.99
10 link(s) – $92.99
11 – 15 link(s) – $110.99
16 – 20 link(s) – $129.99
*Anything above 20 links please contact to negotiate*





  • Credibility.


  • Reputation Building Opportunities which brings more traffic. (Your article will be marketed through our marketing campaign. High-quality niche related backlinks will be added to your post URL every month.


  • For more Exposure and Online Presence.


  • Helps your posts and name get more recognition.


  • Social Media Growth. (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook,  Flipboard, Google +, Linkedin, Medium, Plurk,, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Xing any many more.


  • Networking.


  • Tap into under-the-nose opportunities.


  • You will be apart of every new marketing campaign & partnerships we have planned to help continue to build Correct Your Health. The more traffic we get the more traffic you will also receive.  


    (If you acquire multiple article postings, discounted price options at bottom of page).

    How to Write for CorrectYourHealth

No Duplicate content:-

Stop sign with man holding hand up

Because it will result in penalties by Google. Google will eventually find this copied content; they’re very good at it. If you provide an article that belongs to someone else, you must give credit to that author or writer.


Include Images or Videos:-  The article written by you must have an Image or Video. And you must cite the source of the Image or Video with a link to the source.


Before sending the request, be advised you are accepting the below-mentioned Terms and Conditions.

  1. The Blog Administrator has the ownership of the content.

  2. We can accept/reject the content.

  3. The content can be removed/deleted at a later stage if it starts to have any negative impact.

  4. You can’t repost curate the content without permission on to other web properties but you can link to the content.


If you accept the above rules and conditions and have any additional questions

Drop me an email @ [email protected]

Email Subject:-  Guest post for CorrectYourHealth

Name:- Your Complete Name

Blog:- Your Blog name or URL.

Social Links:- A link to your Facebook Account/page, Twitter account, LinkedIn or any other popular Social Networking sites. (Optional)

Then attach your article with an image in jpg or jpeg format, in a word.doc file and send it to the above-specified email address.

Thank you.


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