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A hearty smile can say a thousand things without even uttering a single word. When it comes to creating a lasting impression, smiles always score a home run. It ups the confidence level. What it requires is a set of good teeth. If teeth are naturally good, perfect. If not, then as the second best, dental implants are the one to go for. And people are quite aware of it. That’s why the global dental implants market is experiencing such an unprecedented surge. By getting the precise tailwind from efficient dentists and advanced technology, the market is now ready to soar even higher. An anticipated 4.6% CAGR during the forecast period (2016-2022) is quite impressive.


How Does it Work?
The trick is to stay as close to the natural way as possible and let science do the rest. A dental implant is a titanium post imitating a tooth root, and experts position it into the jawbone right beneath the gum line using surgical methods. This implant allows the dentist to mount replacement teeth or create a bridge there. Its benefits are numerous. For starters, it improves oral health as it doesn’t require anchoring to other teeth and doesn’t come loose, unlike dentures.


Flying with a favorable wind
A near-natural look and a comfortable fit can all one ask for. Even a few years back, this was unimaginable. Now with evolving technology, it is no more a concern. Dental implants infuse the patient with new confidence where the person doesn’t have to worry about how it might look or trouble himself with the thought of teeth slipping out amidst a lively conversation or a sumptuous meal. And if taken care properly, implants can weather many years. As a plus, it reduces bone resorption and assists the jawbone in maintaining a natural height that results in improved facial features.


For many, it is a boon. People who have lost their teeth in injuries caused by accidents on the road, sports or merely in search for thrill and adventure, can now get back to their old selves with a few sitting in a dentist’s office. As per the reports of the American Academy for Implant Dentistry, in the U.S., over 15 million people per year undergo bridge and crown replacements for missing teeth. The market is thriving, and the procedure is gaining accolades from all quarters.


Yellow teeth to white teeth.


So What’s Trending?
Advents of technology have peppered the market perfectly. And the target is to reach the maximum possible client and give them comfort that they crave so much. The ETIII 3.2 implant is a revolutionizing everything. Known as mini implants, these are ideal for individuals with a smaller mouth lacking enough room in their jaw for a traditional dental implant.
Seeking a faster method? CAD-CAM system is the answer. This system can create an identical replica which enables the dentist to put back this one as soon as he or she pulls out the troubled tooth. It is faster, safer and doesn’t cost precious hours in appointments.


Frontrunner – The America
They are miles ahead in the market. Without surmising much, one can pass the baton to the U.S. With the best healthcare infrastructure and plans, it is quite expected. And when the government in the region is planning to improve the quality of the common life with National Oral Health Plan, inflating market is guaranteed. Of the predicted USD 5944.5 million by 2022, it can be safely assumed the region is going to fetch the lion’s share.


Dental Implants.


The Quickest and the Buzziest- Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific (APAC) is a mixed bag with lots of promises to offer. India and China, two evolving economic behemoths, also have a huge population base suffering from dental imperfections. Regions, that were previously untapped, but can be considered potentially colossal. Japan, on the other hand, has a well-groomed healthcare sector that offers significant surge. The region has the potential to scale a stellar CAGR of 7.2%, which is way more than the other regions.


The Game changers
Such a market has a lot of potentials for many. Only the right trigger requires a little pull. Investment in research and development, and mergers & acquisitions can come in handy in growing the business portfolio exponentially. However, current players have already occupied a considerable lot. But that will not bar new entrants from exploring the field. Some of the key players in this market are Institut Straumann AG (Switzerland), 3M (US), Osstem Implant (South Korea), Nobel Biocare (Part of Danaher Corporation)(US), Dentsply Sirona (US), Zimmer Biomet (US), CAMLOG Biotechnologies AG (Switzerland), Neobiotech USA. Inc. (US).

Author Bio: Nitesh Agrawal, is a keynote senior consultant on digital marketing at Market Research Future. He has been recognized for developing a robust social network strategy for the company. Nitesh has written several whitepapers, case studies, and articles. He is a visiting faculty member at various educational institutions and has expertise in Travelling.

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