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We can’t escape it – we’re far on the fall road, heading towards winter at maximum speed. Yes, we log for the spring and summer, but until then, we’ll just have to work with the hand we’ve been dealt. Still, there are plenty of reasons to rejoice. There is the possibility of snow and of course all the winter holidays and festivities. It’s also a time to show off you mad layering fashion skills. Finally, it’s a time when you need to pamper your skin like never before so you look radiant and beautiful despite the harsh weather, the wind and temperature drops. Once you learn how to take care of your skin in these conditions, you’ll be set for all the harsh seasons to come, so let’s do this.



Small, but important

Even though it’s cold, that doesn’t mean romance and endless kisses should stop. Therefore, it’s vital that you don’t neglect the smallest part of your skin – your precious lips. Aside from the kissability factor, you probably remember how sore and ugly chapped and cracked lips feel and look, so don’t let it come to that. If you have a tendency to switch bags, make sure there is a great lip treatment in each of them. Our definite recommendations are the Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment and Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment, but if you already have a personal favorite, make sure to stock up.





A return to ancient pampering

It’s no secret that it’s not only the skin on the face suffers from harsh weather. Our entire bodies get dry and virtually parched. Surprisingly, they need for exfoliation becomes bigger as well, as the dryness tends to get our bodies to prune and become kind of dandruff-y. This is where the ancient ritual of dry brushing will come in real handy. It will improve circulation, get rid of all the dead cells and leave your skin smooth and ready for the most pampering winter body butter in your favorite scent. It’s that easy – brush and slathers​ with care, and you’re done.

The face, the precious face

Now it’s time for the most important part. Your face is the part of your skin most exposed to pollution, makeup, and general fall/winter harshness. This is why it requires extra care and your old summertime skincare products just won’t cut it. Remember this rule – change seasons, change skincare.
When it comes to cleansing, leave the micellar waters and go for more nourishing makeup removing solutions. Something along the lines of the Chamomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter by the Body Shop fits the bill perfectly as it removes the heaviest of makeup and leaves your skin nourished, soft and elastic. While on that note, avoid heavy face makeup and keep it in the sheer and radiant foundation family as these foundations have way more nourishing properties.





Mindful care

You may or may not have been familiar with this, but it’s paramount that you find the right skin regimen, not only for the given season but for your skin type as well. All your protective and nourishing efforts are in vain if you’re not using the right care for your particular type. This is why you first need to discover your type and then rely on a single brand for all your needs – active hydration serum, day and night creams, facial washes and toners. When you choose products from one brand, you are helping your skin immensely as these products are designed to work together, one after the other to give you the best results. So, our main tip is – don’t mix and match. Stick to one line of topical solutions and trust that they will deliver. P.S. Wash your face with cold water – it will help keep the natural oils stay on your face.



Shed it off

Don’t think that just because summer is over you can stop exfoliating. No, if there is ever a time to step up your exfoliation game, it’s this. Reason: the dry air, the rain, the wind, the makeup – it all takes a toll on your pores and you need to unclog them and get rid of all the dead skin cells if you have any chance of glowing in spite of the wintertime blues. However, stay away from abrasive exfoliators as these can strip your skin of its natural oils and even cause inflammation. Gentle, gel-based exfoliators are the best. They will leave you sparkling clean but also plump, hydrated and generally pampered. Also, mask every chance you get, but instead of clay masks, which can be drying, go for the super-hydrating sheet ones. These babies will give you that extra infusion of hydration, and God knows we need it during these seasons, so make sure your bathroom cabinets are fully stocked.


Hand cream



In the end, we know you’ll be wearing gloves a great deal of time, but trust us, they will not be able to protect your skin from drying up. This is the time to go scouting for that perfect hand cream. It should be thick and nourishing, but it should also be a quick-absorbing one as you don’t want your hands to be greasy when you shake hands or try to do virtually anything. As we all have different skin, you’ll just have to test a couple until you find the one that’s juuust right. Drink as much water as your body craves, don’t obsess over medical recommendations – your body will tell you what it needs. Wear your scarves and gloves, protect your head and try to get through this season using our tips. Don’t skip on any of them, and you can say ‘thank you’ later.

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