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We all have seen stunning pictures of celebrities in magazines, in film, and photos which reflect flawless skin with a healthful natural glow and have often times spent a lot of money on products promising into providing this flawless, airbrushed look, just to be defeated as we move across the revolving door of beauty therapy trial and error. Skin texture. How should it feel? Look below.


We buy serums, wrinkle creams, lotions and potions and also by electrical power tools hoping to attain which ceramic appearance and youthful glow we see in these pictures.


The disappointment in the overall effect of any corrective merchandise or treatment program actually stems from not properly identifying the issue you’d like to correct. Yes, I’m speaking about proper skin analysis. Whenever you expressly identify what needs correction for you to reach the desired result, you can more precisely choose the right products and key components required to create those changes occur!




That brings us to this topic:

Skin Texture. How Should it feel?


Skin texture identifies your skins surface condition. Good skin texture is smooth and soft, well hydrated with business elastin and collagen support.


How does your skin texture feel when you run your hands over your face, your hands and your arms? Preferably, skin ought to be soft with a smooth, also texture, but it’s not unusual to have skin which feels coarse and irregular.


Occasionally this is because of specific skin issues like Rosacea or acne, however, it could additionally be a product of sunlight harm, aging, or the consequence of utilizing the wrong skincare products and poor exfoliation.


Dry skin may also cause skin the consistency is rough and uneven, especially throughout the winter months. Uneven skin texture not only feels unpleasant, ​but it can also​ make skin look dull since it does not reflect light as well.


Sun exposure causes the breakage of collagen and elastin which gives skin its smooth feel and resiliency.


Smoking also damages collagen and elastin and contributes to rough, prematurely aged skin. Aging is another common cause of irregular skin feel. With aging, surface skin cells are not shed as rapidly.


This causes old skin debris to build up, resulting in skin that feels coarse and has a dull appearance. Dry skin that lacks humidity also feels less smooth to the touch.





There are a number of treatments that may improve uneven skin texture, but the simplest and MOST essential part of ANY daily skincare program is deep and thorough cleansing.


Research show which American women spend an average of fifteen moments, once a day cleaning their skin. This all too short regime removes surface layers of make-up, at best.

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