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Health and fitness is a catchphrase in modern times and there are wonderful reasons for this. True, there are many forms and approaches to physical exercise that can help improve your physical fitness and mental alertness. One of these approaches is the Pilates Method. In case you haven’t heard about it then you must be wondering what this Pilates Method is all about. How can it transform your body? What other requirements go hand in glove with this technique for one to rip maximum benefits from it.



Background Information about Pilates


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Pilates is a physical fitness system used to stretch, strengthen and stabilize key muscles in the body. This technique traces its origins sometime in the early 20th century. It derives its name from Joseph H. Pilates the man who developed it. He was a frail and sickly child but he committed himself to become stronger by improving his physical fitness and health. He chose to do this through various forms of exercises and studying the human body and how it works physically.


By age 14 he was so successful that he was requested to model for anatomy charts. Later his method was useful in rehabilitating casualties of World War I in Germany. Today the system has gained global recognition for its remarkable success in helping people to improve their physical and mental wellness.


The end result of such a transformation of body and mind is what is today referred to as a Pilate body. What this means is that when you have a Pilates body you are enjoying some, if not all, the benefits of Pilates. With that out of the way let’s focus on the finer details of how you can get similar results.




How are Exercises in the Pilates Method Carried Out?


Exercise workout.



So how is this method carried out? Be ready for a series of highly systematic and controlled body movements with much special breathing patterns engaging your body, spirit, and mind. The exercises are carried out under the guidance of a qualified instructor. The Pilates method works your body from the center to the peripheral parts. As you go through these motions you’ll have to take very specific postures in a very systematic way.


The motions are designed to tone your body, increase flexibility and agility, strengthen the body and increase concentration. As a beginner, you start by using a mat using but as you advance in the method other equipment or apparatus such as Big Chair, Wunda Chair, Reformer and come into use. The Pilates method is guided by six basic principles namely: centring, concentration, control, precision, breadth and, flow.


“Pilates & Eating Habits”


Eating habits.



But despite the promises that this technique has your body’s health and fitness depends on other factors as well. One of the other key factors in your diet. What you eat has an important role in the success or lack of it of any physical exercise regime.



–      Daily diet





So for you to succeed in your efforts to achieve Pilates body transformation how should your diet look like? Do you continue feasting on all your usual favourites or do you need to adjust accordingly? The simple answer lies in the food chart. This is guide classifies foods into three categories and gives them the colour codes used by traffic lights: green for healthy foods, Yellow for the not so healthy and red for the unhealthy foods.



Though this food chart is best for everyone it to play a bigger role in your endeavours to transform into a Pilates body. Foods categorized under green are great and should form the bulk of your diet. Foods in the yellow category should be taken with caution and not frequently. You should do your best to avoid any foods that you take that are in the red category they are major causes of health and fitness problems and they will mess your efforts of achieving the results you so much desire poor.




–      Provide supplements





But it’s acknowledged that your body requires some rare minerals and nutrients that you’ll hardly get from the food on your dining table. That’s where supplements come in. So you need to know how to use supplements. Even with all the green and some little yellow category foods your body will still lack or get insufficient nutrients.


With that in mind, it’s important to understand what you miss out in your diet. As you do your purchases read the labels thoroughly to check the percentages of each of the supplements you intend to buy and see if it meets the recommended daily dosage. Only buy and use supplements that help your body achieve or maintain your desired Pilate body transformation.


Benefits of Pilates

Benefits of pilates



Without a doubt, this mode of physical and mental exercise has immense benefits. We might not enumerate all of them here otherwise that would need a whole new write up. For now, let’s highlight the most obvious.


Unlike many other exercises, Pilates exercises your whole body not just parts of it. This system of exercises creates strength without bulk, it increases flexibility and agility, develops core strength and body posture, increases energy and increases mind and body connection. All these and more help your body keep lifestyle diseases at bay.


Finally, bear in mind that just like with everything else in life you don’t achieve results overnight or after just a few sessions. Pilates Method is a way of life. It’s the disciplined application and commitment to this method that ultimately leads to a sustained Pilates body transformation.




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Anshu is the founder of Yolig, where she and her associates’ blog about the Yoga and Health that will help you get healthier and have a good lifestyle. Yolig is concentrated on the tips on how to practice yoga effectively and how to have a better and healthier lifestyle. She is also a Yoga Master for more than 7 years with professional teaching skills and excellent knowledge about Yoga.





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