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When you are trying to lose weight or are just trying to eat a better diet, then snacks can be a huge downfall. You often find that you need something to keep you going between meals but most snacks that are readily available have high levels of fat and sugar. The next time that you feel like you need a little snack to give you some energy then you may want to try one of these healthier alternatives. I have provided a few nutritional snack ideas for you to choose from.

Nutritional Snack Ideas

Chia Chips

If you usually reach for regular chips then you may want to swap them for chia chips. They are much lower in calories and high in protein so they will keep you satisfied for longer.



Dried Mango

Dried mango stays fresh for weeks and so there is no need to worry about it going off. It can help satisfy a sweet tooth and because the texture is quite chewy it can stop you overeating.



Dutch Pretzels

Dutch pretzels have no added salt and the fact that they are plain means you can add your own toppings. These pretzels are also high in fiber and the fact that they contain is unsaturated.



Trail Mix

Trail mix is always a good choice for a healthy snack because the nuts and seeds provide a good mixture of fiber and protein. Trail mix also comes is a wide range of flavors so you can find one that you really enjoy.



Wasabi Peas

Wasabi peas are a very crunchy snack and they are also quite spicy which makes them an acquired taste. However, they are very high in protein and fiber and are low in calories when compared to other snacks.


Hope these help, all the best!

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