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You promised yourself that this was your year: you will finally get into shape. You joined a gym. You bought the weights. You even started eating healthy and started feeling the benefits. But before you get too excited, you don’t want to be too enthusiastic – because one of the main problems of new gym-goers is an injury. To help you recover more quickly, avoid joint pain and add more energy to your workouts, look into buying a supplement.


Secret To Keeping Your Weight Loss Resolution

Nitric Oxide, also known as N02, helps give your workouts a boost that you badly need when starting a new workout routine. It helps prolong your endurance, strengthen your bones and ease the potential joint pain you may receive if you overwork yourself. Make sure you are buying a quality supplement by researching the supplement brand before purchasing. We have found Research Verified looks for trustworthy supplements and ranks each supplement brand on its effectiveness and cost. For more on Research Verified reviews, click here



Get Your Heart Rate Up!

To keep yourself at a healthy weight, you need at least twenty minutes of exercise a day three times a week to keep your heart pumping at an optimal rate. If you have high blood pressure, your muscles do not get the amount of oxygen they need to perform at their best. This means you will do exercise slower than your optimal rate, you will run out of breath faster, and you will need a longer time to reach your optimal heart rate.


Taking an N02 supplement can reverse all of these effects. Nitric Oxide keeps blood vessel walls relaxed which improves your blood flow. An increased amount of blood flow means a lower blood pressure and elimination of free radicals in your bloodstream. This leads to longer workouts which lead to more weight loss.



Antioxidants Keep Your Bones Strong

Now that you’ve got your heart pumping, let’s focus on your bones. The denser your bones are, the stronger they are. While you may have listened to your mom and drank your milk to help your bones grow, maintaining your bone mass and growing healthy bone cells is important after your bones are fully developed. Nitric Oxide acts as an antioxidant, which stimulates cell growth and prevents cellular degeneration. With the help of N02, your bones will remain healthy and durable.



Don’t Worry About Joint Pain

 Lastly, Nitric Oxide is used to reduce aches and pains in your joints. This doesn’t just apply to you if you are suffering from arthritis; if you twist or pull a muscle by accident in your workouts, N02 is shown to speed up the healing process. Joints are usually surrounded by cartilage, which takes longer to heal. N02 has been shown to repair damaged cartilage cells, which are the main cause of joint pain in your workout. An early injury is a deterrent to starting a new routine, but don’t give up yet! You have N02 on your side, and some much-needed downtime to completely heal before starting to workout again.
If you do have arthritis or are nursing an injury, there are still certain exercises that you can do. Good exercises to help with joint pain include stretches, like yoga or pilates. These types of exercises take your weight off your feet and do not overstress the muscles or joints that are causing you pain.



Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

If weight loss is your goal, it is difficult to start a new workout routine and stick to it, especially in the beginning stages where the muscle cramps come in, your endurance is low, and don’t see effects you are hoping to see so quickly. With the help of a Nitric Oxide supplement, you can avoid these unpleasant side effects and feel great during and after your workouts.

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