September 28, 2017

There’s a definitive link between the mind and body. If one is out of balance, the other will suffer, and health and body wellness encompass much more than simply seeing a physician regularly. Caring for your body can include strategies that incorporate yoga,aromatherapy, adaptive sound technologies and even hand-held TENS therapy.


Hand-Held TENS Therapy

“Correct Your Health’s mission is to provide valuable information on the best nutritional products, workout programs, dietary supplements, sports nutrition, oral care, foot care, hair care and much more,” said Daniel Walker, CEO of Correct Your Health.

Correct Your Health is committed to providing consumers with the critical information they need when selecting the most effective products for all aspects of health and wellness. The website offers individuals a single resource where they can find effective over-the-counter products, along with links to trustworthy companies that help consumers save money.

Stress is one of the largest impediments to body wellness. It creates a fight-or-flight response that releases the hormone cortisol. When the body is subjected to elevated or long-term exposure to stress hormones, it’s detrimental to both the mind and body.

Prolonged stress results in very real physiological problems that affect the heart, blood vessels, and the ability to obtain restorative sleep, along with memory and cognitive ability. It ages the brain prematurely and is a major contributor to diseases that include diabetes, obesity, and an impaired immune system.

A wide variety of strategies, techniques, and devices are available that have proven effective for relieving stress that promotes body wellness. Sound spas that provide relaxing background noise are especially effective during slumber. Depending upon the device, consumers can rest and recharge to the sounds of the ocean, summer nighttime sounds, rainstorms or white noise.

For those who are more responsive to scents, aromatherapy machines, diffusers and candles are available, along with pure essential oils to provide a soothing environment that can be enjoyed day or night. Many aromatherapy devices are equipped with lights of various colors to enhance the experience. They can be combined with any number of complementary essential oils.

Aromatherapy Machines


Essential Oils

Correct Your Health provides consumers with resources for yoga instructions, white noise machines and essential oils to ease muscle pain, relax, and relieve stress. Consumers will also find the company’s Top 5 Tips that everyone should know that promote total body wellness.

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