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Few doctors know how amazingly deficient Americans are in critical nutrients. Take vitamins D & E for example. Over the past many years scientists have verified that the crucial role vitamin D plays in controlling a host of bodily functions. However, still, there’s evidence of a widespread vitamin D insufficiency. This has resulted in recommendations for Americans to improve their vitamin D consumption to 5, 000 IU per day and higher. Most Life Extension clients also take a 5, 000 IU soft-gel of vitamin D3 each day to achieve optimal blood levels of 25 hydroxyvitamin D, which are between 5080 ng/mL.



A published study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at blood levels of vitamin D in 9, 949 individuals aged 5074 for a median of 9.5 years, in comparison to people with adequate vitamin D levels. Individuals who have been deficient had a 71% greater rate of dying from any cause. Many Americans use a nutritional supplement with vitamin E to obtain its antioxidant advantages. The US government says only 15 mg of E vitamin is required.

The Journal of The American Dietetic Association states that 92% of American males and 97% of American women do not even have the recommended 15 mg in their diets! In January 2008, the Journal of the American Medical Association published findings in the study that quantified vitamin E levels in individuals older and years.



Most diets fail to provide even the minimum amounts of nutrients in accordance with the low government recommended daily intakes. Consequently, Americans suffer shocking shortages of such other vital nutrients as calcium4, magnesium5, potassium, 4 vitamin B56 and B6, and vitamin D7. All of these deficiencies are corrected by taking standardized fruits, and vegetable extracts together; with vitamins and minerals that are available in highly concentrated supplement forms.

Dosage: 9 pills a day at divided doses with meals or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner The vast majority of People in America do not eat enough vegetables and fruits each day to avoid a multitude of age-related problems.



Additional ingredients enhance beneficial DNA methylation patterns, help maintain already normal glycemic control, and help regulate the oxidation of LDL.




Why is this so important?

While Recommended Daily Allowances have been developed by the government, they only provide the minimum doses to defend you from deficiency. Research studies demonstrate that unless you are taking the ideal dose of minerals and vitamins, you won’t fully receive their benefits for ultimate health and well being. Commercial supplements also contain the cheapest form of nourishment without optimal benefits. Synthetic vitamin E is distributed through the body only around half just as much as natural vitamin E.



The daily dose of Two a day was designed to remedy the widespread shortage of basic nutrients that exists even among multivitamin users.

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