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Not every person has a healthy bite so to know whether you are having a healthy bite or not you need to visit an orthodontic because he will properly take your diagnosis of teeth and will help you to have a beautiful smile and a good bite. Every person has a right to have straight teeth because it will give you self-esteem and confidence. The modern URM or United Reference Method followed in orthodontics allows a three-dimensional treatment and evaluation. This evaluation is reproducible and descriptive as well. It, therefore, provides the doctors with scope for future treatment methods that will be based primarily on the realistic results. The use of fully automated craniofacial superimposition of the CBCT records shared with the reference system helps the doctors to attain a more descriptive and comparable result.

The method includes automatic 3D superimposition of the anterior cranial base surface. The measurements and anatomy are based on the reference system. The method includes:

  • One primary reference system for both superimposed CBCT records
  • Projections and auxiliary references of all measurements and 
  • Semi-automation to increase accuracy.

There are few basic steps followed in the process that includes:

  • Superimposition that is performed through a fully automated, rigid, voxel-wise registration of only the cranial base as the stable structure
  • Identification of the reference landmarks to record the modified Frankfort Horizontal plane C-FH construction as well as construction of a semi-automated Sella point to modify orbital asymmetry
  • Head orientation of the CBCT images superimposed on the C-FH and 
  • Identification of landmarks with the help of auxiliary reference planes that may be affected by orthodontics treatment.

All these combined together results in landmark measurement and identification with adequate reliability for craniofacial structural changes.

Types of Treatment

In the olden time’s orthodontics treatment​ involved only one method to straighten teeth in which you were given large, clumpy metal strips to fix to your teeth. However thin or light these braces were, it looked ugly and had several disadvantages. Modern braces give you a lot of reasons to smile with its variety of types and own unique set of advantages. Different types of braces are given now for different needs. 

  • Metal: These are traditional and oldest treatment in orthodonticsIt is popular and made of high-grade stainless steel. These are thinner, lighter, and more comfortable than the previous ones and are reliable, durable and cost effective.
  • Ceramic: These braces work much similar to the metal braces but are made from clear ceramic composite material. It blends perfectly with your natural teeth and looks less conspicuous than the metal ones but more fragile than the metal braces.
  • Invisalign: There are no brackets or wires in this. Instead there is a series of clear and removable aligners that are virtually invisible when worn. Easy to use and maintain you can brush, floss, eat, and drink as you wish.

However, you will need to contact your doctor first to use the right type of braces first as need of every patient is unique.

Much More Than Braces

If you thought that orthodonticsis all about braces, think again. Beyond the braces this specific treatment options includes improvements in appearance and comfort with guaranteed results. 

  • Besides the common braces that are used for straightening your teeth, you will also get lingual braces as well. These are special types of braces used in an orthodontic treatment that is incognito and is placed on the tongue-side surface of your teeth. If you are a player of wind instruments​ or an athlete, you will find these to be very useful and comfortable. 
  • Wild Smiles is a special orthodontic treatment designed for trendy children and teens. The rubber ban colors are customized, and the brackets come in shapes like footballs and stars.

Lastly, you can also go for the damon system for orthodonticsThis looks similar to traditional braces without rubber bands. There is instead a memory arch wire in the bracket slots to allow gradual and low friction performance to result in a shape induced alignment of your teeth. 

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