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Magnesium is a multi-versatile mineral that has many practical uses. Many athletes know that magnesium benefits their muscles. It can prevent those muscles from tightening up and on from suffering from what is known as a charlie horse. This muscle tightening can cause extreme discomfort and sometimes takes 30 seconds to subside. Eating a banana a day can prevent this phenomenon in any person. In the following article, we will explore all of the magnesium benefits.


Magnesium is an important nutrient. In fact, it is one of the seven important ones needed for consumption. In order to make it count though, a person has to ingest 100 milligrams a day. Taking in enough is a precautionary measure against terrible health ailments. A person can suffer from cardiovascular issues, bone problems, and even diabetes if their daily intake is not high enough.


To explore more on one of these issues is imperative. Bone health is absolutely essential to daily functioning. Those with weak bones can trip and break a bone easily. The elderly, who have weakened bones, have even been known to die from such falls. Magnesium ushers in calcium into the bones. As if that were not enough, it regulates Vitamin D in the kidneys. Both calcium and Vitamin D are integral to bone health.


Diabetes is a serious illness. Those with it have dramatically altered lifestyles. They continuously have to be checking their blood glucose levels. They can suffer from loss of limbs, blindness, and diabetic comas if they do not have properly regulated insulin. Magnesium has a role in how the body processes carbohydrates and glucose. Glucose levels that are too high can be dangerous for anyone. And if this is a chronic condition, it can lead to Diabetes Type 2. If magnesium is low, the body cannot secrete insulin as well. If someone wants to reduce their risk, they might want to try increasing their daily intake of magnesium. That, of course, is not a panacea for a lack of exercise and a high sugar, high-calorie diet.



Magnesium benefits.



Now to look at the cardiovascular system. Magnesium is a must have to keep the muscles healthy. It helps regulate blood pressure and lowers the risk of fat building up in the arteries. Also, if a person has a heart attack, one should get a magnesium supplement. This increases the likelihood that a person will survive. Those who take 365 mg a day generally find improvement in their lipid levels.


On top of all of this, magnesium is involved in daily bodily regulation. Every cell contains some magnesium. It is essential that these levels are maintained in order that the person keeps on functioning. Most of the magnesium in the body is in the bone- about 60 percent. That is why the mineral is so intertwined with bone health. It helps proteins to form in the body, genes to be created, muscle movements and regulates the neurotransmitters. It makes sense that a person who wants to stay healthy would choose foods high in this mineral.


Foods that contain magnesium.


According to studies, 50% of the people in the US and Europe get less magnesium than they need. Those athletes that were alluded to above should take special note. They need 10 to 20% more magnesium than usual when they are participating in their sports. They are also one of the populations that can benefit from supplements, as well as the elderly and people with chronic ailments. It makes sense that a mineral that is involved in so many of the body’s major functions should be given special care when it comes to consumption.


There is much debate among professionals regarding whether or not vitamins and minerals can actually be absorbed in the form of pills. That is why those who are looking to be healthy should look for magnesium sources in their diet as well, just to be on the safe side. Green leafy vegetables; fruit; nuts and seeds; legumes; vegetables; and seafood are just some of the foods that have an abundance of magnesium. It all helps when it comes to getting the regular daily allotted intake. Magnesium has a stunning profile of ways that it helps the body to stay healthy.




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