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Red Light Therapy is one of the latest skin & body enhancement products to ever hit our shores. But what is it and how can one benefit from it?



RLT is also known as Low-Level Laser Therapy, Biostimulation, Light Box Therapy, ​and Photonic Stimulation. Red wavelengths are run through the skin in order to accelerate our bodies’ ability to rejuvenate and renew tissue by stimulating the collagen and increasing the blood flow. Red light therapy is different from other laser therapies in that the light is of much lower density than the others. Patients will feel no heat and there’s no pain or discomfort when your skin is exposed to the red light.



Red Light Therapy Benefits

RLT has been proven to work in treating various health conditions such as sprains, pulled muscles, chronic muscular pain, wrinkling and skin discoloration, acne, hair loss, osteoarthritis and other joint pain conditions that usually come with aging. Red light therapy can increase our energy levels, improve digestion, skin and joint health and strengthen our immune system to fight against foreign invaders.

In addition to the benefits of red light therapy; Myofascial pain treatment is needed primarily for muscle pain,  ​tenderness and referred pain.


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