Eye treatment options are becoming more and more advanced as technology improves by the day. Eye exams and optical surgeries can always make use of newer, better instruments to gauge a person’s sight and get it fixed in just a short time.

Below are 5 of the most exciting and cutting-edge optical treatments available for patients who are experiencing eye and sight problems. Don’t hesitate to ask your ophthalmologist about these eye care options the next time you visit:

1. Femtosecond Laser

Lasers are being employed in almost all healthcare applications, and the eye care industry is no different. The femtosecond laser is arguably the best laser for treating cataracts and other common eye issues as it has proven to be incredibly precise, safe and efficient.

2. Wavefront Analysis

This technology is being employed to help ophthalmologists in a variety of ways. Wavefront analysis creates a personalized eye map by measuring how your eyes focus on light. From here, the ophthalmologist can deduct invaluable information in the form of eyeglass prescriptions and accurately diagnose eye problems.


We know how LASIK clears up eye problems and lets us see clearly without the use of glasses, but how does it work exactly? Well, LASIK is done on patients to reshape their corneas, which improve the eyes’ focusing power.

4. Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty

Otherwise known as ExPRESS shunt or iStent. This treatment foregoes the use of ocular eye drops that relieve internal eye pressure. Patients suffering from glaucoma can now opt for iStent treatments and any other similar procedures for their eye issues.

5. Diode or Argon Laser

This type of ocular laser treatment specifically treats tears in the retinal area. The laser helps scar the retina for it to bind to the surrounding tissue, which prevents it from detaching to the outer eye areas.

It always helps to get a comprehensive eye exam first in order to see the available treatments for your eye problem.

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