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If you suffer from erection dysfunction you will be astonished at the effects honey may have on your sexual wellbeing. You can increase your sexual stamina using honey.





Honey has always been associated with sex and love and finds a vital place. It is mentioned in this Bible and continues to useful til this day. Hippocrates where known to prescribe honey. An ancient work on gender life, the Kama Sutra, praises the benefits of honey.

It is for ages been a part of weddings and today the bridegroom is to boost his stamina.





Avicenna, a great Persian doctor of the 11th century, believed honey to be the food of foods, the beverage of drinks as well as the drug of drugs, and prescribed honey mixed with pepper and ginger as a sexual stimulation.

In fact, the word honeymoon comes from an old Viking convention wherein newlyweds, in their very first month of marriage, could beverage a daily cup of honeyed wine, known as mead. The Vikings believed aphrodisiac and mead for a fertility enhancer. It seems that honey is good for sex.





Research has shown nitric oxide levels might increase in the blood. Nitric oxide is the compound that’s released during arousal, also is responsible for causing blood vessels in this penis to dilate. When these tissues are dilated or relaxed, this allows the increased flow of blood into the penis, causing an erection.





Honey has been utilized by many individuals over this ages as a general tonic or a medicine. The Ayurveda system uses it abundantly in all of its medical preparations.





Honey, when used appropriately or along with some other meals items, can promote growth also the regeneration of body tissues also strengthen a healthful body. Since it comprises several antioxidants, it can make it vital to our overall health.





Honey has the most powerful aphrodisiac power to improve your gender life since the bees collect nectar from aphrodisiac flowers like jasmine, orchids or marjoram.





Pure also unheated honey is a mild natural sexual stimulant since it contains numerous substances like zinc, vitamins B and E that promote virility and reproductive health. It’s also simple to metabolize, and as it’s a sugar, it provides our bodies with sustained high degrees of energy.





The vitamins in honey also improve testosterone production, whilst this boron in honey helps this body to utilize estrogen, which is essential for sexual arousal. A mixture of honey and ground garlic took on a regular basis at bedtime provides a stimulating effect that increases sexual endurance and pleasure.

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