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Not taking good care of your feet results into foot problems that eventually lead to adverse effects on your knees, back and even hips. Most people, almost 90%, experience these but are not exactly in the know of their cause. Feet discomfort and pains occur due to various causes which range from having the wrong size or type of footwear on or even diabetes. To avoid all these, there are easy tips that you can employ to have and sustain healthy feet.

Keep your feet clean feet all the time by washing them often. This is recommended on a daily basis. An easy way of washing your feet is by using warm, but not hot water with soap After washing, make sure you dry your feet well to avoid likely fungal infections, which normally occur in between the toes.

Trim your toenails regularly. Do this carefully using a nail-clipper and then file them. If you are a lady, limit the time you spend wearing high heels to avoid exerting too much pressure on your back which could result in hip and back problems.

To avoid foot odor, always make sure to wear clean socks and also change them regularly. Shop for shoes during the afternoon. Unknown to many, feet swell as the day progresses and if your shoe fits you at this time when it is at its maximum, be assured of comfort anytime. Maintain soft skin by moisturizing both top and bottom of the feet as drying skin cracks making wearing shoes or even walking not a so good experience.

These easy to achieve practices will not only help you avoid feet related complications like back and hip pains and infections like athlete’s foot, which from infections between your toes, but also make your walking and shoe wearing experience enjoyable.

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