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After completing the MBBS course, most people want to practice medicine in their own clinic apart from working in a hospital or a nursing home. Setting up a doctor’s clinic is a tough job, however, it is done with precision, with all the required tools and machines in place, you will be able to treat the maximum number of patients. There are several factors that require consideration before setting up a clinic.


These include selecting an appropriate space, keeping the accounts up to date and the most crucial part is to keep you updated with the changing treatment methods and procedures. To begin with, there are a few types of equipment that are absolute essentials in a doctor’s clinic. One of the most important requisites is a doctors examination couch where the patients need to lie down for a check-up. Certain facts related to them are discussed below.


Doctors Examination office.


The doctor’s examination couch is available in a variety of designs and various shapes and sizes. Before you choose a doctor’s examination couch for your clinic you must consider the following features that will make a difference to the patient’s experience.


  1. Comfort-The doctor’s examination couch should be comfortable for the patients once the patient lies down in a relaxed position, the couch should eliminate the uneasiness of the patient and he/she should feel at ease. The comfort of the examining doctor must also be kept in mind before choosing the examination couch. When you are selecting the couch, make sure you are comfortable with the working space. The fixtures or the extra additions of the bed should not be a hindrance to the diagnosis process.
  1. Adjustability-The couch should be easily adjustable depending on the requirement of the patient. You should choose a doctors examination couch which can be rotated easily according to the needs of the patient and the height of the practitioner. This will make the examination process easy as you will not need to bend down which might hurt your back.
  2. Accessibility-The doctor’s examination couch should be accessible and comfortable for all kinds of patients, also those who are the physically challenged who visit clinics in wheelchairs. The couch should be such that it can be moved down to the level of the wheelchair to let those patients get in.
  3. Flexibility-It is always better to have more than one doctor’s examination couch. An extra couch can prove beneficial when in times of an emergency. However, the examination couches should be flexible and should be such that they could be folded easily and kept in one corner of the room when not in use.
  4. Customization according to practice- The doctor’s examination should be customized according to the field of study the practitioner specializes in. For example, a dentist requires a bed, while a gynecologist’s requirement is totally different. The bed should be customized according to the preference and requirement of the practitioner.
  5. Other characteristics- Some other characteristics of a doctors examination couch include drawers for storing equipment. This helps in keeping the medical types of equipment organized and they can be accessed easily whenever the need arises. Then, there should be warming drawers to warm up the tools. The bed should be portable and light in weight so that they can be easily carried from one place to another.

Doctors examination room.


Thus, selecting the appropriate doctor’s examination couch for your clinic is of utmost importance for the smooth functioning of the clinic. The comfort of the patient must be your top priority when selecting an examination couch.

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