Parents know exactly when something is wrong with their baby’s skin before it’s even diagnosed as eczema. Rough, dry patches, redness, and irritation are all signs that can point to the skin condition. Most of the time, eczema causes babies to become highly irritable and uncomfortable as well. For many parents, the first course of action is to take their baby to the pediatrician and rightly so. Pediatricians can diagnose whether your baby really has eczema or not. However, many pediatricians’ next course of action will be to give your baby a steroidal ointment to help relieve eczema.




There are many reasons why you should be wary about putting so many topical steroids onto your baby’s skin. Some of the most common side effects of prolonged or excessive steroid use on a baby’s skin include skin thinning, bruising and discoloration, and even more inflammation.



The best solution to treat infant eczema is to use natural ingredients. These are a hundred times gentler than any other prescription medication you can get, and they also usually work a lot better as well. Here are some of the best natural eczema remedies for babies.




1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is known to help treat a lot of skin conditions. It’s relatively inexpensive and a little application goes a long way. Applying coconut oil to eczema will not cause it to sting or burn; it’ll actually soothe the inflamed skin. You can even use coconut oil to massage your baby’s body without irritating it. Continuous application of coconut oil will heal eczema and prevent future breakouts as well.




2. Magnesium spray or magnesium bath

When it comes to eczema, it’s all about balancing the skin’s pH. One of the best ways to do it is to spray the affected areas with a homemade magnesium spray or give your baby a soothing magnesium bath. All you’ll need for either one is a 4 to 1 mixture of Epsom salt to Himalayan or sea salt and a few drops of soothing essential oils such as lavender. This will definitely help to calm your baby’s skin tremendously.



3. Probiotics and diet change

There’s a lot the happens in the gut that manifests in the skin, and this can happen to your baby as well. Start by improving their stomach scenario by giving them probiotics and a diet that’s rich in healthy fats. This will naturally improve their skin conditions and prevent flare-ups naturally. You can also give your baby a gelatin-rich food by making a broth out of meat bones. Bone broth is great for your baby’s stomach and his or her skin as well.

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