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This post is not an attempt to make you worry or an effort to cancel all your plans but advice after a personal experience. Likely you, I started traveling a few years back but as the interest was developing, I was compromising on my health. I am not a hygienic freak but still, your health is important to you. While you travel, it’s obvious that you’re not going eat frequently and sometimes the day will pass with snacks, the routine will go as a drunken individual but you can still take care of your health in a better way. Travel but with some proper health precautions.



Learn how to stay safe while traveling.



Negligence of health leading up to the most drastic moments of traveling. Although, later they are only memories and a fun element for your friends (Haha, they still make fun of sick me). However, I would suggest to never plan your trip without looking thoroughly at your health precautions. Otherwise, you’ll regret as I had to because I missed many sports fun adventures during that fantastic trip.




Consult a doctor

It is wise to consult your doctor before planning your trip to Morocco. Get the weather guide and see if there is something that you’re allergic and ask relevant health advice from your doctor. It’s good enough if your doctor could guide you little extra about traveling hacks on health. Don’t look out at the internet, it will be nothing but panic attacks.



Learn the best ways to travel.

Drink plentiful water

Although Morocco is the country with mild temperature mostly it’s hotter than Europe. Keep an extra water bottle along especially when acquiring a road trip. Dehydration is most common among travelers. They ignore it in the excitement and then fall sick and lazy throughout the trip. So, never ignore the need for drinking water.

 Learn the best ways to travel.

Avoid Alcohol

Don’t want to spoil the trip then avoid Alcohol. Well, it’s not openly available in Morocco but still, you’ve to cautious in its consumption. Its intake can put you any miserable situation in a country like Morocco. It’s not only ethically wrong but you’ll end up with a very drenching holiday experience at the most exotic destination.



Learn to travel safe.

Traveling sickness

Many of the tourists have traveling sickness. To keep yourself safe from it, keep any medicine or chewing gum also works at these kinds of issues. You can also ask your doctor to prescribe anything in order to prevent travel sickness. This is one of the horrible experience for any traveler. No one wants to spoil their journey by feeling sick all the time.



How to travel safe.


This is crucial for a walking disaster for me. Yes, I am habitual of falling and then get hurt. I know there are many like me so, for them, it’s better to keep extra band-aids with you. Don’t pack them

with your belonging but keep them in a handbag or bag pack. Even if you’re not a disaster then it might help someone around. I was stubborn not to keep them but now I am grateful to my mother and can assure that no one can be more careful for me than her.


Travel Safely


Therefore, no matter where you are and planning tour to somewhere but always be conscious about your health. You’re precious to your loved ones, they might not need you often but will always be yours regarding the circumstances. So, don’t drag them in your pain and stay healthy and happy. Getting sick at the travel plan or fall into a pit hole is the same. You’re excited but then there is nothing to enjoy the moment. So, don’t spoil your holidays by neglecting your own health. It’s more essential than anything else.


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