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Guest post by Stephanie Hill at Healthy Fixation.


When a patient suffers from stomach ulcers, their diet becomes constrained. Some of the foods they loved now become a nuisance as throbbing pain spreads in the stomach upon eating such foods. In their condition, cabbage is the main go-to food for relief. Its glutamic acid does wonders for the intestinal tract and curing peptic ulcers. Also, it is body-friendly since the body prefers cabbage juice to medications. Here is how you will prepare cabbage juice for your ulcers patient.



    • Cabbage
    • Distilled water or boiled tap water
    • Celery
    • Carrots


(Celery and carrots are optional as they are flavor improving ingredients)



1. Chopping the cabbage


Chopped cabbage, kitchen knife on blue plastic cutting board, head of cabbage, bowl with copped cabbage on wooden table


Chop a quarter cabbage into blendable pieces and mix them with the distilled water. In case you use boiled tap water, make sure it cools down to room temperature before use.



2. Blending

Place the mix into your blender. Allow them to blend slowly for around two minutes. To remove the floating cabbage pieces that didn’t blend, fast blend the mix for a few seconds. The mix now has a tinted green color and ready for the next process.



3. Fermentation process

Measure one liter of the mix and place it in a jar. Ensure you do not exceed three-quarters of the jar in filling. During fermentation, the mix will puff up thus the need for extra space. Now wrap the jar before sealing it tight. You want to leave the mix to settle for 72 hours as it ferments the cabbage and water mix. Also, ensure the temperature is always between 20-25 degrees Celsius.


Glass of tasty cabbage juice mix with straw & spoon on the side.

4. Straining the mix

After sitting still for 72 hours, use a sieve or strainer to separate solid cabbage particles from the juice. The smaller the holes in the strainer, the better the outcome.



5. Dosage

With ulcers paining all day long, it is recommended to take cabbage juice before all your meals. The patient could also choose to drink it in between meals in extreme pain. On average, the cabbage juice treatment will require three days of dosage. With conventional cabbage treatment methods, however, treating stomach ulcer could take around forty days. For duodenal ulcers, cabbage juice takes 73 days while other treatments take approximately 37 days. In case you are just using the cabbage juice as a preventative measure, one drink in two days is sufficient treatment. In case of treatment does not seem to work, visit your doctor for deeper screening as this could mean a larger underlying ailment.



6. Making more

When the juice is almost running out, estimate three days before and make more cabbage juice for the patient. Apart from the ulcer treatment, cabbage juice will also crush irritable bowel syndrome and gastritis. To make the juice more palatable, you can add celery, carrots, broccoli, and other vegetables. Garfanate, a content of the fermented cabbage juice will protect the stomach lining and cover existing ulcers from food irritation due to acidity, or even food temperature. Its glucosinolates act as an anti-inflammatory treatment for the ulcers. Consistent consumption of cabbage juice is the best treatment and prevention of ulcers.


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