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When lower back pain hits, it may seem like there’s nothing in the world that could make it better. No position is comfortable; no medicine works. While it may seem that back pain is unbeatable, there are actually several tried and true remedies and actions you can utilize and perform in order to successfully eliminate any backaches and pains you may have. You shouldn’t ever have to suffer through back pain ever again. Here an easy guide on *how to get rid of back pain* in seven different ways. Getting rid of back pain is easy; just choose whichever one works the best for you and use it until it works; then switch as needed.

Types of Back Pain

In order to properly get rid of back pain, make sure that you recognize your symptoms and where they’re happening in your back. There’s back pain that happens on the lower, middle, and upper parts of your back. There’s muscle pain and spinal pain and/or tenderness. There are also back pains that are caused by nerve issues and/or swelling. Your back pain could also be classified as either acute or chronic. Recognizing your symptoms and what causes them will help you get rid of pain altogether.

*How to Get Rid of Back Pain*

1. Exercise

Your first impulse when you start to feel back pain is probably to lie on your bed. You might feel as if all your energy is being drained through your back; however, studies have shown that getting off the bed and exercising is actually one of the best ways to alleviate back pain. Exercising is a broad term, so for this part, we’re talking about common exercises such as wall sits, press-up back extensions, partial crunches, bird dogs, and a few others of the like. Avoid exercises that put excess pressure on your spine and core such as sit-ups and leg lifts.

2. Cold therapy

This allows you to soothe and alleviate pain completely. Cold therapy is effective when employed during the first couple of days of pain; afterward, if you’re still feeling pain, you’ll want to switch to heat at that point. When applying cold, you’ll have to do it in 20-minute sessions about once every 2 hours. Anything longer than 20 minutes could burn your skin. Ice packs are the most common choice for cold therapy, but if you don’t have one available, there are options. You could also use frozen vegetable bags or even a frozen watery sponge in a Ziploc bag.

3. Massage therapy

Even a simple regular massage can make a difference when it comes to back pain. Massage therapy can improve the circulation in the muscles, which ultimately results in lower back pain relief. Even one session can make a difference, but regular therapy can help alleviate even the worst chronic back pain. There are also options for targeted therapies for those who experience back pain on a regular basis. In addition, the stress relief you’ll get from a massage will help you feel better altogether.

4. Stretching and walking

Regular yoga or stretching exercises will not only strengthen your backs; they will also make your back more flexible than ever. Spinal flexibility is something that you’ll want especially as you age. Yoga is perfect for strengthening your core, which will allow your back to be able to handle more than before. Also, walking is one of the greatest segues into a more active lifestyle—something you’ll need if you want to get rid of back pain forever. Walking is completely low impact, so you wouldn’t be putting too much pressure on your back as you go.

5. Change posture

For many, the biggest source of back pain is just improper posture. There’s a lot that your posture affects in your body. Posture affects your mood, your overall appearance, and even your back. Simple changes in posture such as sitting up straighter and standing in a more natural posture can mean a day full of back pain or a day without it. Practice standing and sitting with better posture in front of a mirror so you can actually see what you’re doing. Check yourself several times a day just to make sure that you’re keeping up with your posture.

6. Movement

Make sure that you don’t stay in one position for too long. This is especially important for those who work in an office setting, where they are constantly sitting down for long periods of time—sometimes even all day. Sitting or standing for long periods of time can contribute greatly to back pain. The way to remedy this is to simply change your position every half hour or so. If you’ve been sitting down for the past half hour, stand up and just do a quick stretch. Likewise, if you’ve been standing for a long period of time, sit down for a little bit just to give your back a break.

7. Diet and sleep

It shouldn’t be a surprise that your eating and sleeping habits can affect your back as well. Food and sleep are the most basic necessities your body needs, and if you don’t provide it with what it needs, your body will surely rebel against you. Potassium-rich foods and leafy greens have been linked with back pain relief in the past, especially back pain that might’ve been caused by constipation. Your sleep quality will also greatly affect the overall feel and health of your back. The better quality your sleep is, the less likely it will be for your back to be in pain.


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