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There are many of us that want a bigger rear end. Now many times we may think that we have to take ​special medicine or have some type of surgery. This is just not the case ladies. Now, gentlemen, I have not forgotten about you either. Many of the ways that we are going to discuss will work for both men and women. Men do not worry I will keep your secret. There are several factors that go into getting the butt and body that you are searching for. So let us look at some of the natural ways to get that beautiful booty.





Now I know that you are shaking your head on this one but please continue. Our posture can do a lot for us in many ways. Having a​ ​ correct posture can make your body look so much different without really doing anything special. Make sure that you are standing up straight. This not only will help with your butt but also your overall look.


By standing and walking straight without a slouch, you will look slimmer which in turn will make your butt look bigger. Many times we have programmed the way we walk. A lot of us slouch and this can have negative effects. Back pain can also be caused by not standing up straight and slouching.


Now we may not even notice that we are doing this. We may realize it but not know how to correct it. So try asking a friend to watch you walk and see if you are slouching without realizing it. Now if you stand straight up with your back against a wall it can help For the most part you will just have to make yourself aware of how you and walking and standing.

Where Does the Weight Go?

Here again, everyone is different so when we gain or lose weight it may not go to the same areas. Depending on where your weight goes will determine some things that you can do to have a bigger butt. You may see that your weight gain goes to several parts of the body, or maybe just one area. Different exercises can help with certain areas. Let us look at some that can help.


  • Squats
  • Butt Bridges
  • Lunges
  • Kickbacks


Now all of these will help you strengthen your butt muscles. Now with any exercise, you need to be careful, especially if you do not exercise very often. Make sure that you start off slow and work your way up. I know you want a fabulous derriere but not at the cost of your health and wellbeing. So make sure that you stretch before doing any exercises.


Now posture will come back into play here as well. Make sure that you are standing up straight so that you will be doing the exercises correctly. The internet is a great tool to have to make sure you are doing them correctly. These are just some of the exercises that will help you strengthen the muscles back there.




Weight in the Stomach

For many of us, all our weight goes to the bellies. A lot of times our butts can look great but everyone is focused on the front instead of the back. Do not worry because we can fix this problem also in many ways. Here are some things to look into so we can get that belly down and show off the butt.



– Leg Lifts

– Planks


There are many more exercises that you can do but these will get you started. Start slow and work at it. Exercise is not an overnight solution. It takes hard work and determination.


However, when everybody is complimenting you on your new look it will all be worth it, right? Now I know that this is something that you want for yourself and you are not trying to please anyone. However, it is nice to have nice things said about the results of all the hard work.


Just be sure that you research and find all the information that you will need and want. This way you will know that everything is being done correctly so that you can get faster results. If you are doing any exercises incorrectly then not only are you not seeing the results but it can also injure you in the process.




Eating Right

Now I know that people want to eat whatever they want. However, just a couple of changes in your diet can help you with a better booty. One main thing is to drink more water. If you are exercising and sweating, then you will need that water to help replenish all that was lost. Dehydration is not a fun thing to deal with.


Furthermore, I am not telling you not to eat that cheeseburger or that chocolate cake, just use moderation. Moderation a lot of times is a big factor in the amount of weight gain we see. Keep in mind that gaining weight is easy in some cases it is getting the weight off that is the hard part.




Weight Gain

Now here again people are saying why would I want to gain weight. This is not for everyone. Some people gain their weight in their butts and hips. So in these cases to get the booty that they may want hen they may need to gain a little in order to achieve this. For example, if my butt is tiny and I know that my weight goes to my butt then I can gain weight to fill it out more.
Now I know that exercises are not fun. So if you are looking for a quick fix then there are some other things that you can try. Just decide for yourself which options are the best for you and your situation. In some cases, the clothes we wear can make a difference in our appearance. This is the case with not only the back but also the front.




Tight Pants

Now I do not mean run out and buy pants that are so small that you cannot breathe. You need to look into the different types of pants that are available. It all goes back to where your weight gain is and what shape you have. You want your booty to look bigger not look like you glued yourself into a pair of pants.


There are many different types of pants on the market. It may take some time but you will find exactly what you need to make your buttocks look bigger. Here are some of the ones to start off with.


  • High Waist
  • Low rise
  • Hip huggers


Now, these are just some of the types of pants that can help make your booty pop. Make sure though that not only do they make your butt look good but also that you are comfortable. Many times we try and just go tight and instead of us looking good, we look like we are walking funny and cannot breathe.


Pocket placement on the pants can be just as important as the pants themselves. You want to look for smaller pockets that are placed higher. This way it can give the look that your butt is bigger than it actually may be.


It may help to recruit the help of a friend that will be brutally honest. You do not want to take the friend that always says you look good in everything. We all have these friends. You want the truth even if it is not what you want to hear.


It may take some time to find that right pair of pants. However, in the end, it will all be worth it. Your booty will be popping and peo0ple will be amazed. Everyone will be asking for the doctor’s name and number but you do not have to give your secrets unless you want to.


There are also other ways to dress to make your butt look bigger. They make booty enhancers that you can put in your pants and even pants that already have them in them. Again make sure that if you cannot decide how something looks on you that you enlist the help of a friend that is going to tell you.


Wearing heels can also give the illusion that your butt is bigger. Heels make you look taller and can make that booty pop. Start with a small heel and work up if you are not used to wearing heels. Look for the skinner heels and see what they can do for your appearance. Make sure that you are being careful when you first start wearing heels. Do not wear them for prolonged time frames or you may notice some back pain. Again start out slow and work your way up.


Now in some cases, we can make our waist look smaller and this will also give us the look of a bigger butt. One way to do this is to wear belts. Whether or not you have a big stomach or small this will work for both. Wider belts are better when you are trying to make your waist seem smaller. What it does is takes the attention off the middle spreads too other places.


Now some of us ladies have this next thing already in the drawer. A girdle can help with some of the extra flab. By making other parts of our bodies flatter it can make our butts appear so much bigger. They make several different types for all body types and shapes. You will just have to find the one that is right for you.


The color and style of the shirts we wear can also enhance our butts. So if you have shirts that are busy or have strips then you may want to go with colors that are solid in​. This takes the attention from your top and places it other areas. Longer shirts can also hide the waist and help as well. Just not for too long or you’ll be hiding the booty.


There are so many things out on the market today that claim to make your butt bigger. However, in some cases, these products are not reliable. Before you jump and buy all of these products just try and do it naturally. Everyone is different and so what works for your friend may not have the same results for you.


This does not have to be a journey of failure. You will be able to find ways to make your buttocks look bigger and more popping. You just have to take the time and do the work. Yes, all the exercises may be tiring and hard but you have to do what you need to in order to achieve your goal.


I am not going to tell you that you will see results overnight. Now with the pants and stuff, you will probably see a difference. However, with the ex4ercises it will take some time. The amount of work that you put into it will affect what results that you see. If you work hard and you are determined then the results will speak for themselves.


Just do not get discouraged if you are not seeing the results that you are seeking. It does take time. Just make sure that you are researching and finding all the ways that can help you get bigger buttocks naturally. The ways that we looked at are just a starting point. Your time and money are valuable so make the most of everything.


In the end, your opinion is the only one that matters. So if you like your butt then you should not change it for anybody. You may find that by doing these things that other things change as well. Just make sure that you are doing right in your situation. You do not want to harm yourself in the process of trying to gain that bigger booty. You are beautiful just the way you are and if you are happy with yourself that is all that matters.


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