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People often have different motivations for gaining muscle. One of them could be that the person wants to gain control of their health. Some people are at risk for diabetes and need to tone up out of necessity. Gaining muscle can help to lower the resting heart rate according to a Harvard study. That means lower blood pressure and a host of other benefits. Your body will not have to work as hard when it is fit for the rest of the day.


One of the best ways to gain muscle is through doing workouts. People really vary in what they consider a workout. For some, it is an hour-long hike. For others, it is a half hour on the treadmill. Others do a variation of cardio and weights.


Workout machines for exercising.


If you want to see some real results, then weight training is important. A person must challenge those muscles. In doing so, the muscles get small incisions in them. This breakdown process is essential to the subsequent build-up phase. You can really feel the burn at the time, and that’s a good thing. However, in order to give your muscles time to repair themselves, you need to give them a 24-hour rest. That means that the next day, you should not be working for the same muscle group. If you do so, then you are essentially undoing all your hard work. The muscles will never have time to build.



This is often why you hear the term “leg day” or even “arm day” at the gym. These patrons recognize that they must push themselves on that day to build up those muscles. They will use the machines and do weights that work on those areas only. Then diligent people might even return the next day to work on a totally different group of muscles.


When you feel like you want to gain muscle, you need to get into a habit. You cannot just give up after one try. You should work your way up to greater strength and endurance. That means that if you were doing 5-pound weights before, eventually you should be up to the ten-pound weights. You can’t do it right away and if you build up too fast, you can injure yourself. That’s why it’s always good to listen to your body. If something is too painful, then it is too intense or too heavy for you at the present. You need to dial it back a bit so you can feel the muscles working but you are not suffering every second.


Stake on a disk with mushrooms.


Some people who want to build muscle get a trainer. It is always good to have a trainer at least once in your life. This individual can also give you dietary advice. Some of the best advice is to eat within 30 minutes of your work out ending. That will give your body the fuel to rebuild. Try to have a protein-laden meal before or after your work out. This is often why you see those health stores selling protein shakes and other protein snacks. It’s because you will need that protein to build muscle. If you don’t eat at least one to two servings of protein a day, you will never be able to build muscle. Proteins break down into amino acids. These amino acids are the fuel for building muscle. So if you want to build that muscle and are working out, make sure you always get enough protein in a day.


Eggs with spinach on a dish.


You shouldn’t overeat protein and think that you will get fit. In fact, any excess protein or calories that you consume will automatically turn into fat. That isn’t a pleasant concept for many people. But to gain muscle, you must also be watching your diet. You probably don’t have the goal to gain fat while you gain muscle. If you have a deficit of calories, your body will first start to break down the fact that you have stored. This is, of course, a good thing. And then, it will go on to break down your muscle. So make sure if you already have a low-fat profile in your body to get enough calories to avoid undoing your progress.

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