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With great events like Sports Relief having recently passed us, we’ve created this how-to guide to help you create your own fundraising event for your local sports club or team to help make it a huge success!



How To Fundraiser For Your Local Sports Club or Charity




The Benefits of Fundraising

Before getting into the how-to’s, it’s important to know the benefits of fundraising and why you should get involved in the first place.



Why Fundraising Is Important

Money collected from fundraisers is often the main source of income for lots of sports teams and charities. As a result, events like such that are organized and run by the community are crucial in helping them stay active.




Not only is fundraising necessary to the cause it’s aiming to help, it’s a rewarding experience for everyone who takes part. Particularly if you feel you want to do more to help your local area or those who may be less off than yourself, getting involved in such events has positive implications for you.



May this be mental, knowing you have done something good for the community or to help boost your skills by showing you’re capable of taking on new challenges. Either way, you’re almost guaranteed to derive some great benefits from getting involved.



So, with that, let’s get onto the steps to achieving a successful fundraising campaign.




Step #1: Pick A Cause You Want To Support

If you’re looking to support your local sports team, great, you’ve already nailed this step. Though if you’re not sure who you want to raise funds for, do some research and choose something that is close to your heart. If people know how important it is to you, they’re likely to invest their time and money into the cause.




For people wanting to raise funds for a charity, start by researching into what charities are in your local area. You might not have known they existed yet they could be the exact cause you’re looking for. Plus, they might already have an upcoming event that you could get involved with.




Tip: You could always ask family or friends what causes they’d like to support if you’re stuck on ideas. After all, they’re likely to put more money towards a charity or club that they want to help out than one they can’t really connect with.




Step #2: Think About What You Want To Do

When creating your fundraiser there are lots of questions you’ll need to bare in mind.


Here are just a few of those:



Are you going to fundraise as part of an event already out there, like Sports Relief?
Will you be taking part alone e.g. by running a marathon or will you need to get a team of people together?



Do you need to hire any facilities or equipment for your event?


How do you want people to donate e.g. online or in person?



Having thought about the above, it’s time to note down some ideas of what you’re fundraiser will look like. We suggest creating a mind map or list. Do some research, see if your club/charity has hosted events before and if so, were they successful? There’s no harm in doing a similar style event if you know it works!




Make Your Event Family-Friendly

Sports fundraising events are a great way of getting people’s adrenaline running and heart pumping. By making your fundraiser family-friendly, you’re likely to attract a lot more visitors as people see your event as a “day-out” where they can contribute to the community whilst still being cheap and cheerful.


How To Fundraiser For Your Local Sports Club or Charity





Step #3: Get The Word Out Before The Event Occurs

Speak To Local Authorities

Get in touch with your local newspaper to let them know what you are doing. More often than not, they’ll share stories of people doing something great for the local community or a charity. Make sure to give them enough notice so they can get a great article ready at the time of your event. Sometimes, they’ll even be happy to advertise the fundraiser a few weeks before the big day to help generate more awareness.



Create A Social Page

If you’re looking to get the word out to a big audience, what better way than to utilize the beloved social media tools out there? One of the best social channels out there for this is Facebook. You can easily set up a new Facebook page where you can quickly upload information to generate awareness of your event as well as being able to manage the page to make it as private or public as you like.


Having set up your page, next add a description of what the page is about including details of your fundraising event like why you’re doing it, when it will take place and how people can contribute.



Tip: By uploading some imagery or videos you can improve the look of the page, making it more appealing to users.



Give Users Multiple Ways To Donate

When you’re creating buzz around your event online, it’s good to give them a way to donate that’s also online. JustGiving is a great online fundraising platform that integrates with Facebook so that your followers can easily donate money to your cause without having to attend. This allows you to reach more people and generate more donations for your cause by not limiting your donations to face-to-face only.



Good To Know: JustGiving is a worldwide trusted platform for those looking to create a strictly online campaign. It has “helped people in 164 countries raise over $4.5 billion for good causes since we were founded in 2001.” – JustGiving.




Step #4: Spread The Word

People can’t donate to your cause if they don’t know there’s an event for it. Make sure you tell everyone you can about what you’re doing. Ask family and friends to share your page and posts to give other users the best chance of seeing what you’re up to.


Don’t be embarrassed to share often, you are trying to help change lives so sharing and appealing for help is not going to be frowned upon.” – JustGiving


Aside from sharing your Facebook page amongst your Facebook friends, you’ll find you can expand your reach by sharing your page across multiple social channels as well as email. You can also link your Facebook account with an Instagram account to make the sharing process easier.




Step #5: Give People Live Updates

If the club or charity you’re fundraising for has a social profile make sure they’re giving updates to followers of the live event as it happens. Upload some pictures and videos to the channel or push the boat out and attempt a “Facebook live”.




What is Facebook Live? “Facebook Live is a basic feature that offers live-streaming video capabilities to users. By tapping the live stream icon, you can start broadcasting video live from your smartphone, and write an optional description of the event.” – Forbes




To learn more about Facebook Live, take a look at this in-depth guide.




Perhaps you decided to set a Facebook Page wasn’t suitable for your fundraising campaign and that’s fine. Though you should still try and get at least one social post out on your personal profile no matter which social channel it’s on, may that be Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even Snapchat?




If you’re posting live updates of the event throughout the day, you’re likely to attract users in the local area to join in the fun or at least spark some talk about the club/charity you’re fundraising for, giving them exposure.




Step #6: Celebrate A Job Well Done!

Once the event is over and done with, it’s time to give yourself a deserved pat on the back. Whether it runs as smoothly as possible or not, fundraising events are incredibly rewarding experiences for both you and the cause you’re doing it for. You’re raising awareness for the club or charity and helping to support it financially, which can make a lot of difference.



Remember: No matter how little money you feel you’ve raised by hosting a fundraising event, it all adds up. By helping your local sports team or a charity every so often, you’ll be making a bigger impact than you’d think.




Final Words

By following the summarised steps below, you’ll be well on your way to creating a great fundraising event. Don’t forget to think outside the box to make your event as fun as possible. This way you’ll be more likely to get people interested and get them on board with your cause!





Pick a cause to support.

Decide what it is you want to do to support it. Promote your event for a few weeks, and in some cases months before it occurs. Don’t just post about your event once or twice, spread the word by getting your family and friends to share the news multiple times and across lots of different channels. These include social media, radio advertising, in posters and features in local newspapers.




Update people on the day with what’s going on. Make the most of social apps like Facebook with it’s “live” features.




Take time to reflect on what you did. Give yourself a huge pat on the back and if you’re happy with the event’s success, why not make it a yearly thing?




Sara Whitehouse, SEO and Content Editor at Stadia Sports

Stadia Sports are a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of sports equipment, offering a wide range of products including football goals, football nets, and accessories.

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