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By Sarah McAdams, Founder of Laser Skin Care.

History of Thyroid Malfunction Leading to Hair Loss Hair Removal

The laser treatment for hair removal has been around for quite some time. The first commercial laser hair removal treatment was performed in 1997. The early days were different. The scope of the laser machines was limited. Only white people with light-colored hair were suitable for this kind of hair removal. It did not work well for the people with dark skin.


Minimal Side Effects

As a matter of fact, all hair removal methods have some side effects. If we shave the skin, the skin gets damaged, and we feel discomfort and burning sensation. Similarly, waxing is a painful method for hair removal. Threading and the use of depilatory creams also have some side effects. To be honest, the laser hair removal also has some side effects.


Laser Hair Removal is Safe

In the past, the laser machines were not able to work properly on dark skin tones. It is due to the reason that the color of the skin and the hair plays an important role in the hair removal using a laser machine. The early lasers came as a result of the white skin. That is why they were good at removing the unwanted hair from the white skin.

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What is Your Skin Type?

The laser treatment for hair removal is safer than ever. We can perform it on all skin types. Knowing the skin type is of utmost importance before performing the laser hair removal treatment. Professional’s set the frequency of the laser machine as per the skin type of the patient. Experts divide the skin into six types. The six important skin types as per the Fitzpatrick Scale are mentioned below;


  • Type I: Light, Pale White (Always burns, never tans)
  • Type II: White Fair, (Usually burns, tans with difficulty)
  • Type III: Medium, White to Olive (Sometimes, mild burn, gradually tans to olive)
  • Type IV: Olive, Moderate Brown (Rarely burns, tans with ease to a moderate brown)
  • Type V: Brown, Dark Brown (Very rarely burns, tans very easily)
  • Type VI: Black, Very Dark Brown to Black (Never burns, tans very easily, deeply pigmented)


Laser Hair Removal Cost

For example, there are plenty of clinics that offer laser hair removal treatment. If we compare the price structure of these clinics for laser hair removal in Dubai, we come to know that there is a big difference between their prices. Some of them are charging way to higher than the others. When you consider a clinic for hair removal, not only see the prices but also try to know the quality of their treatment. The machines they use for hair removal should be up-to-date.

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