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Do you want to know how to cure a sore throat? Sore throats might not seem to be overly troublesome but they are very unpleasant. There are a dozen methods in which can help trigger a sore throat and when it strikes, it brings about pain, discomfort and an awful feeling that lasts quite a few days. However, there are lots of simple ways to potentially deal with the problem at hand and if you are interested in learning more, read on.



Try Cold Drinks to Soothe Inflammation and Pain

Drinking cool or ice water can be an ideal option for those with a sore throat. If you want to know how to cure a sore throat starting with cold drinks can be perfect. Taking in liquids can be important when you are unwell and with a sore throat, it can be just as important. By drinking cold liquids you can help numb the throat and help deal with the inflammation too. This might help to dull the pain you feel when swallowing. The idea of drinking cold liquids might not appeal to you, especially if you have sensitivity with your teeth, but it can help in a big way and something that really tackles the problem at hand.


Lemonade water in a cup.


Use a Special Gargle SolutionYou may have already heard of this before but if you want to know how to cure a sore throat you could find gargling with salt water to be very useful. Constructing a solution to gargle with can really help aim at tackling the inflammation within the throat and reduce the swelling too. In order to use this solution, you can mix warm water with a quarter teaspoon amount of table salt. You can gargle with it so that it hits the back of the throat and after a few seconds, you can spit. It is possible to use this gargle throughout the day to help cure a sore throat quicker. For those looking at how to cure a sore throat, trying a gargle to cleanse the throat can be ideal.

Honey, Over the Counter Medicines and LozengesHow to cure a sore throat the old-fashioned way? One of the best ways to help deal with a sore throat would be to opt for a nice warm cup of tea with a dash of honey. It can help soothe the throat and deal with some of the pain. However, you could also look at over the counter medicines and lozenges which may help offer temporary relief.


Medicine for sore throat.


Easing Pain and InflammationFinding the perfect way to cure a sore throat is not easy. There isn’t one cure for all and that’s frustrating. There are many who say using tea with honey helps soothe their pains while others say ice drinks and over the counter pain relief help. In truth, it comes down to finding a balance between what’s best to reduce pain and swelling and what the body reacts better too. Learning ways as to how to cure a sore throat can be important and there are lots of good options to consider too.

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