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There are times when a person gets so involved in a party they are likely to overindulge. It is easy to have a few too many drinks and pay for it the next morning. These are some ways to treat a hangover and ease the suffering. Here are a few ways you can cure a hangover.


Water going in cup.


Drink Water
One of the best things to do is drink as much water as possible. The body is dehydrated, and it is important to rehydrate it as soon as possible. Eight to ten glasses of water are needed. The water should be consumed slowly. This will help with a headache, feeling of dizziness, and even fatigue.


Pain relieving pills.


Use a Pain Reliever
Alcohol causes the blood vessels in the head to widen which leads to pain. While the pain reliever may not sure thing it will help ease the pain while a person hydrates the body. Advil and ibuprofen work well. Avoid Tylenol because they cause the liver to work harder and the liver already needs to get the alcohol out of the system.


Bagel Sandwich with seeds lettuce and tomatoes.


There are some foods that work well with a hangover. Plain, starchy foods are best such as a plain bagel, toast, and crackers. They are all the good carbs. Even if a person does not feel like eating they should try these foods. When the body is hungover blood sugar level has dropped. These plain carbs will help increase the blood sugar levels and decrease the feeling of nausea. A banana can also help. The banana can help put the minerals back into the body that it lost. Bananas will also help bring potassium levels back into the body.

After drinking water, the body needs a chance to restore itself. Go back to bed and enjoy some rest. If needed take a sick day from work. While this should not become a habit, the body does need a chance to rest and recover.


Real honey in a bowl.


Try Some Honey
Honey has been found to help people that are suffering from a hangover. Honey can help raise the fructose levels in the body. If the sweetness of honey is going to be a problem, it can be diluted with some boiling water.


Ginger sticks for hangovers.


Chew on Ginger
Fresh ginger can be used to settle the stomach. If fresh ginger is not available, ginger candy also works well. Ginger is rich in nutrients and will also be used to handle the stomach pains and feeling of nausea.


Active Charcoal
Active charcoal has been shown to have many health benefits. This is a special charcoal pill that can be purchased from the pharmacy. This pill is an absorbent. It can take all the bad toxins from the alcohol out of the body which will help a person feel better.


Take Vitamin B
Vitamin B especially B12 plays a big role in the functioning of the brain and the nervous system. This vitamin will help the body get back on track. It will help a person recover and ease some of the discomforts from the hangover.


Orange fruit.


Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an antioxidant and it is needed to help the body. Alcohol depresses the immune system and as a person is suffering from a hangover they can also get a cold or another virus. Alcohol releases the free radicals in the body. Vitamin C can help a person recover and can also keep them from getting sick. The antioxidants in the Vitamin will help remove these free radicals and get rid of a headache at the same time.


Keep Things Calm
Avoid bright lights and loud music or other sounds. When a person is hungover their sensitivity levels are heightened. It is best to avoid these things to keep from feeling worse.


Female taking a shower.


Take a Shower
While this will not help remove any alcohol from the body it will make a person feel better and cleaner after a night of drinking. Turn the water on warm and breathe in the steam to help with a headache. Hot water is also known to make an upset stomach feel better.

These are some ways to cure a hangover. After a night of partying a person does not have to pay for it in pain the next day. These tips can help a person feel better and get rid of the hangover.

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