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Have you ever pondered about how fast hair really grows? This question is extremely common, especially when you are trying to grow it out. No matter the rate and for as long as we live and breathe, your hair will always grow. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), your hair grows about ½ inch per month or 6 inches per year. Yes, there are a lot of factors that can restrict the hair growth process.


Some of these factors include:

Poor Diet
Processing (dyeing relaxing, and excessive use of heating tools)


Hair growth speeds mainly depend on both ethnicity and genetics of the individual. Recent studies have reported that Asian hair has the fastest growth rate; followed by Caucasian hair. African hair has been reported to have the slowest growth rate amongst other ethnicities.


As with all ethnicities, the growth speed starts with the overall condition of the hair at its given time. If you are an individual who is constantly cutting, dyeing, and processing your hair vs. the individual who uses more natural hair growth techniques such as retention; the person who applies less processing will have a healthier head of hair than the person who constantly uses chemicals.

Let’s not forget that it isn’t a cardinal sin to process and style your hair from time to time. The main idea to understand is that in order to promote moderate hair growth we must learn the art of retention while doing so. Retention is preserving as much of your hair that grows out of your scalp as possible and keeping it healthy. Keeping and maintaining healthy hair starts with the scalp. You can promote and possibly accelerate the growth of your hair by incorporating the following into your hair routine.


1) Keep processing to a minimum. Over-processing over – processing as dyeing, perming, and relaxing can stunt the hair growth process. If you are processing your locks ensure that you are applying adequate amounts of moisture to your hair. Sometimes, adding hair oil to your hair isn’t going to be enough, especially with African American hair. Try applying deep conditioning treatments approximately 3-4 times a week for optimal results.


2) Take a Multivitamin or a Prenatal vitamin if you are pregnant – Multivitamins, especially prenatal vitamins contain high levels of Biotin. Biotin is a nutrient that can help reverse hair loss. It also helps promote healthy skin and nails also. Most hair loss is contributed to Biotin deficiencies. Consult your doctor before you begin taking any type of vitamin.


3) Eat Healthy – A diet that is rich in whole grains and protein will also provide positive results in the hair growth process. According to Lauren Conrad’s post entitled Foods for Heavenly Hair, eating foods such as broccoli, poultry, eggs, and fish contains the amino acid cysteine, which will aid in hair growth in conjunction with biotin.


4) Take care of your split ends – Taking care of the ends of your hair is the most difficult. This is due to the fact that the ends of your hair are the oldest part of your hair and are more exposed to environmental and styling damage. It is recommended that you clip your ends approximately every two to three weeks to prevent further damage to your hair.


The hair growth process can be a very tedious and difficult process to maintain. Your hair grows about ½ inch per month, which is 6 inches per year. With proper care and reducing the main contributing factors to hair loss, your hair can probably grow a lot longer and a lot healthier.

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