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Gosh, there is an awful amount of confusion about CBD oil. From the science behind how it works being awfully dense a lot of the times, to companies purposely misleading their customers about CBD. Well, not anymore because that all ends here today.




What is CBD oil?


It Comes From Hemp.There are two plants that CBD can be extracted from cannabis and hemp. You want to always purchase CBD oil derived from hemp because when it’s derived from cannabis, it still contains THC, which is what gives marijuana its high. CBD oil from hemp will not get you high no matter how much you take.



It’s Completely Legal

CBD oil from hemp is legal across the U.S. and much of the world. The DEA attempts to claim that all CBD oil is illegal because it’s derived from marijuana, but this obviously isn’t true. Which is clearly seen by the fact that they made that statement in 2016, and the only thing that came from it was CBD companies filing suits against them for wrongly labeling their products.




It’s Responsible for Many Health Benefits of Marijuana  

While CBD cannot cause a high, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still provide medical benefits. Now sure, THC does provide medical benefits, but it also causes that high which make it illegal federally. Plus, unless your Snoop, you probably don’t want to be high all day or at all.

Medical marijuana is high in CBD and low in THC because CBD provides the majority of health benefits and it has counteractive effects on THC. You know how marijuana makes some people paranoid and anxious while others have the opposite effect? That’s because THC has pro-anxiety effects, while CBD has anti-anxiety effects which overpower THC’s pro-anxiety effects.




People get anxious because they pick a strain of marijuana with low CBD and high THC — sure it gives them a recreational high, but it makes for poorer medicine and your pet doesn’t need to be high.




Marijuana is Toxic to Pets while CBD oil is Safe.


Again, we see THC messing things up once again. THC is toxic to pets — your pet has to consume a lot for it to be but still. This is especially important if you have a small pet. CBD oil, on the other hand, is free from THC, and with study after study, there has never been any evidence that CBD is toxic in the least bit, no matter how high the dose.




How Does it Work?

Here’s where the science gets dense, but don’t worry here you’ll find it easy to understand.




When CBD enters the body it goes off and does one of two things.




First, it attaches to and inhibits certain enzymes from breaking down certain neurotransmitters, called anandamide. The brain uses these neurotransmitters as chemical messengers and sends them out to various regions of the body to attach to receptors designed for them. The brain sends these little guys out to tell internal systems, such as the immune system to get its butt back in line and stop acting a fool and causing bad inflammation. This is called the endocannabinoid system.




You see, both our and our pet’s internal systems are constantly being bombarded with external threats that range from things like bacteria to situations that cause anxiety. These internal systems work great for protection (think of them like soldiers), the brain is the general.




If the soldiers are under heavy bombardment, then the general (brain) needs to make sure they’re communicating clearly and frequently, so the soldiers stay calm, focus, and don’t confuse their companions as the enemy. CBD protects the general’s messages by blocking enzymes from breaking them down before they get to their destination. You may know this process better as homeostasis.




The other way CBD works is by becoming the messenger itself and will go off and attach to different receptors that are harder to reach allowing the natural neurotransmitters to focus on fewer issues.




So to sum it up, the brain creates chemical messengers to make sure different internal system are doing their job correctly, CBD both protects chemical messengers in their travels and will act a messenger itself for further protection.




Finding CBD Oil.

You should now be feeling better about the science behind CBD, and why it’s not the only natural to give, but recommended. For more information on CBD oil check out Innovet Pet. They sell CBD oil themselves, have a blog with lots of information, and best of all, they have online social media groups where you can talk about giving CBD oil to your pets.


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