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Generally speaking, no one has great hair. That person’s hairstyle you always admire is as a result of proper hair care. At least women are a bit familiar to some of these tips but around 60% of men really struggle with the hair. Below are some tips that will make your hair look at its best. Let’s first take a look at hair care tips for women then follow with the men’s.



Hair Care Tips For Women.


Ladies, you all know how good hair makes you feel fresh and vibrant. Whereas the vice versa makes you feel shy and like everyone is looking at you. The following tips will help.



1. Shampooing.

The type of shampoo you use highly depends on your type of hair. When buying a shampoo, always check if it’s recommended for dry or oily hair. Always use a conditioner afterward and if possible shampoo your hair on a daily or skip only a day. While applying the shampoo, slowly massage your scalp with your fingers to avoid injuring the scalp. For the shampoo to work effectively, allow it to stay on your hair for at least a minute before rinsing it off.



2. Prevent Hair Loss and Breakage.

Hair breakage can be a total turn off and can really ruin your day. To avoid this happening when shampooing. Always make sure you don’t apply shampoo to dry hair. Always deal with the flyaway strands of hair because they are prone to breaking. Once you’re done designing your hair, rub some hair food onto these strands to make sure they lie flat and intact with the rest. Always be careful with your hair accessories such as hair clips or pins. They may break your hair when putting them on or removing them.



3. Avoid Hot Water When Rinsing.

Most people find hot water effective when rinsing off shampoo. But, did you know that hot water removes the natural oil in your hair? It’s advisable to use lukewarm water to easily remove the shampoo and then cold water for the final rinse. You can also decide to be different and unique by rinsing with apple cider vinegar. Beer also does the trick.



4. Brush Your Hair Regularly.

It’s advisable to incorporate the habit of brushing your hair every morning and evening if possible. Not only does it removes tangles but it also ensures that the natural oils we talked about in tip number three, are evenly distributed in your hair. As a result, your hair will always appear shiny. Make sure your brush has soft bristles that won’t damage your hair. Do it slowly and smoothly, even if you are in a rush. And avoid brushing your hair when wet, because it can easily break. Therefore always brush before showering.



5. Go Natural.

Now, this does not mean that you totally boycott chemical hair treatments. They are very effective and will make your hair better. But, learn to go natural. Natural hair care products are also effective and are unlikely to have side effects. Egg yolks and avocados are ideal for moisturizing your hair and are full of nutrients essential for the hair.


The above tips are very important in making your hair healthy and vibrant. As a woman, you have to go that extra mile in ensuring you look your best. Always cover your hair when going swimming or from environmental hazards that can damage it. And don’t forget to eat a balanced diet. Foods rich in Vitamin B12 are good for your hair.



Hair Care Tips For Men.

Gone are the days when it was “right” for a man to let his hair be. The modern man is well groomed and your appearance highly contributes to the people’s perception of you. There is more to hair care than just going to the barber. You have dedicated your time and effort in ensuring your hair is neat. Below are some tips to guide you.



1. Get a Haircut Regularly.

The barber should be one of your best friends. Meaning you should regularly visit him. Frequent haircuts make your hair neat and help prevent hair breakage. The advantage of sticking to one barber is that he/she knows your hair and therefore will trim it as it’s supposed to be. However, if it’s impossible for you to find the perfect barber. Learn to time. Be the first or last person to get a haircut. You will be able to win the undivided attention of the barber.



2. Learn How to Dry Your Hair.

One common mistake men make is by vigorously rubbing the hair with a towel. But this is the leading cause of hair breakage to men. Wet hair is vulnerable to breakage. The towel threads entangle themselves with the hair and pluck out hairs as you continue drying yourself. The best way to dry your hair is by stroking out the water in the direction of your hair growth. Then with the help of your towel pat gently on the head to dry the water. This particular method might take long but its better. Also be keen when blow drying, using excess heat can be harmful to your scalp and hair.



3. Keep off Chemical Treatments.

DIY chemical treatments, especially for a man can cause hair loss and the damage might be irreversible. It’s advisable to have a professional hairstylist help you with this. Your barber or stylist will help you pick the best product that won’t have negative effects on your hair. Plus, he/she will properly apply it.



4. Avoid Over Washing.

If it happens that you have dry hair, don’t over wash it. Most men make this mistake and their hair ends up being drier. The excess shampoo removes the strands healthy coating. Therefore save yourself the time and the energy by applying a conditioner. It helps make the hair smooth.



5. Stay Healthy.

The hair is just but a reflection of your body health. Having the right diet, exercising regularly and drinking lots of water guarantees that your hair will look great. However, doing the exact opposite that is smoking or excess drinking affects your scalp and hair growth rate.


Healthy hair plays a big role in your appearance. And you too play a big role in the nature of your hair. Use the right products, take good care of it and follow the above tips, the results will be fantastic.

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