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Each and every one of us likes to have his/her feet maintained well and looking good. Otherwise, our feet will get infected, hurt and even cause discomfort to us. For us to manage all these, we take good care of them. Below are the tips to embrace to take care of your feet.


A. Keep your feet clean and dry always

The feet need to be washed regularly using soap and lukewarm water and thereafter dried. This is because the feet tend to catch dirt and sweat often. The dirt and sweat which accumulates from a suitable environment for bacterial growth. Washing the feet regularly eliminates the bacteria, sweat, and dirt.

Drying the feet after washing them is important as it helps curb some fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.

B. Exfoliate the feet on a weekly basis

Exfoliation of the feet aids in removing the dead skin and thus keeping them smooth. Also, it reduces the chances of one’s feet developing calluses. Exfoliation should be done at least twice a week.


C. Apply a moisturizer on your feet daily

It’s important you apply a moisturizer on your feet to prevent them from becoming dry and developing cracks. The feet are usually prone to wear and tear which makes them dry; applying a moisturizer is the best solution for this.


D. Keeping your toenails short by trimming them properly

The toenails should be trimmed properly so that they can remain strong and healthy using nail clippers. Scissors shouldn’t be used at all. If the nails are trimmed very short, they cause discomfort.


E. Taking the recommended dietary supplements and balanced diet

The feet are part of our body and by us taking a balanced diet and supplements; it will keep them healthy. The vitamin and protein supplements provide an additional immunity to the body.


F. Participating in workout training programs and massaging the feet

The work-out training programs offer health lessons and tips on how to take good care of our feet. The tips and lessons are workable and easily affordable. Regular exercises and massage also help the feet remain fit and free of the common problems associated with blood supply and innervation.

In conclusion, the tips above are easy to practice and if imparted to each one of us; problems and diseases associated with our feet would be minimized.


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