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Having good oral health is very important. If there is a problem with the teeth this can affect a person’s self-confidence. It can also affect his health. There are some tips to help keep the mouth healthy and the smile looking great.



Proper Brushing


Woman dentist with gloves showing on a jaw model how to clean the teeth with tooth brush properly.


Many people think they are brushing their teeth the right way but there are some things that they miss. The toothbrush should be held at a 45-degree angle near the gums. The gum line, as well as the surface of the teeth, should be touched by the bristle. After brushing the teeth be sure to brush the tongue as well as the roof of the mouth. This will help remove bacteria that has been trapped.



Limit Soda, Alcohol, and Coffee

These drinks are popular but they contain a high level of phosphorous. This can reduce the level of calcium in the teeth and can lead to gum disease as well as tooth decay. They also have a number of dyes that can discolor the teeth.





partial view of woman flossing teeth with dental floss isolated on white


Many people have heard that they need to floss their teeth but they may not be sure why or how. After brushing there can still be food particles that are stuck in the teeth. Flossing can help remove these particles and reduce the chance of dental problems.



No Smoking


Female saying no to male offering cigarettes to smoke.


Tobacco can do more than just discolor the teeth. Tobacco can lead to oral cancers. It can rot out the teeth and lead to ugly buildup. Smoking can also increase bacteria in the mouth leading to bad breath.


These are some oral care tips to help a person have a healthy mouth. While many people know they have to brush their teeth every day they still do not do so properly. These tips will allow a person to have a great smile and a clean mouth.


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