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The Man that is MegaVitamin, you will learn how to take your health with cheap, easily accessible, and utilize vitamins into your own hands. Some months ago, an Arizona bark scorpion stung me. I learned the little bugger is the scorpion in North America. It got me great, bite me mercilessly times. Breaking into sweating, I started when I tried to put down convulsing. You’ll find the solution in this week’s podcast. Heres the review of the week before we reach the show. If your body and life have changed and wish to let me know, go on and leave a review.

You’ll learn: How to improve your health with dose carbohydrates Vitamin C’s advantages Why there is a grandmother worth two physicians. What to do when you are stung by a scorpion And a lot more. Vitamin C: A New Look At an Established Cure Dr. The Man that is MegaVitamin. Andrew Saul has years of experience in health instruction that is natural. His peers reviewed is among the biggest non-commercial natural health sources on the web. That’s a chance to gain some information on vitamins from someone with no link. Abel: Welcome to the show.

To begin, what should people know about vitamins to heal the body’s capacity and for health? They’ll save your life. Vitamins will enhance the quality of your life. They’ll help the whole world to be happier, more productive, and healthier. Abel: Many people do not trust the effectiveness of Vitamins. But what’s it about vitamins that many people don’t know? Medical physicians have been using higher doses of vitamins to cure disease for more than 70 decades. The media, reporters, politicians, and physicians say it sounds promising, but there’s not enough evidence that higher doses of vitamins will cure disease.

That’s completely false. Medical physicians have been stopping and curing Polio with high doses of Vitamin C since the 1930 s. That’s a good deal of Vitamin C! When we’re speaking about antibiotics, physicians are very dose specific. With regards to vitamins, you have been told that does has little to do with it. However, if you amp up your dose of Vitamin C, you are taking it to the tolerance of the intestine it sounds. At this level, Vitamin C works very much like an: Antibiotic Antihistamine Antitoxin Antipyretic Antidepressant And will even curb your appetite There’s a study published regarding smokers that quit smoking using Vitamin C spray, the amazing thing was that they didn’t turn to food to replace their craving and didn’t gain weight! Media, Money & The Politics of Vitamin Therapy Abel: I’m always fascinated by how many people, even in the health industry; don’t take vitamins themselves.

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