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If you are suffering from stiffness and pain on shoulder, this can happen due to bursitis and shoulder tendonitis. The reasons for the occurrence of these diseases are quite a few like injuries that are caused while one participates in any sports or physical activity. The reason can be a sudden or critical injury as well. Mostly shoulder tendon pains are treated as sports injury and this can happen due to improper techniques. Improper techniques of a sport can create huge stress on the shoulder muscles, and you can feel some shoulder pain as well.

These muscles providestability to the shoulder joint and allowit to move and rotate. Shoulder tendon pain is also knownas rotator cuff tendonitis or shoulder tendonitis, is a condition in which any of these tendons (thick bands of tissues that connect the muscles to the bones) becomes inflamed or irritated.

Preventive Measures of Shoulder Tendon Pain

Causes of Shoulder Tendon Pain or Tendonitis

Each muscle is linked to various parts of the shoulder blade. Thus, a cuff is created by tendons at the head of the humerus and muscles of this cuff group work together in order to control and stabilize the shoulder. The rotator cuff also helps to secure the ball portion and the socket joint of the shoulder as​ there is movement in the arm within the socket. Shoulder tendon pain occurs when these tendons are injured and inflamed. You should reduce the stress of your shoulder and you should avoid any heavy lifting jobs during your shoulder tendon pain. Even outstretched arms can also create some troubles on your shoulder, and you can easily reduce such problems by doing regular exercises.

Mostly, this occurs in sports and overhead activities which require more of arm movement repeatedly. Swimmers, baseball players, golfers as well as painters and also people involved in heavy lifting are prone to suffer from shoulder tendon pain. Apart from that, if you are working on your computer for a longer time then also you can feel some stiffness on your shoulders. In this case, you need to do proper shoulder rotation to prevent such stiffness.

Symptoms of shoulder tendon pain:

  • The most common symptom of shoulder tendonitis is pain and swelling at the shoulder and upper as well as outer part of the arm.
  • This pain gets worse if you lift, pull, or even stretch your arms, and you can face some sleeping disorders or difficulties due to shoulder tendon pain. Some patients might experience stiffness and loss of mobility and strength.

Prevention of Shoulder Tendon Pain

As discussed, the shoulder tendonitis is mostly caused by overuse of the shoulders and you can prevent such pain by avoiding over exercises. Thus, all the activities that might cause the problem should be avoided or modified. The underlying conditions such as improper posture or poor technique in sports events or while working on computers must be corrected.

Prevent shoulder pain.

You can apply some basic rules when you perform such activities:

  • Take it slowly at first and gradually build up the level of your activity.
  • Use limited force and hence limited repetitions.
  • Stop your activity if the unusual pain occurs.
  • If you are an athlete, use the proper form at all times and try to take frequent breaks to rest your shoulder.
  • Perform warm-up and stretching exercises for shoulder before you engage in physical activities especially if there are overhead movements.
  • Maintain proper posture during daily activities including while sitting.

However, if you experience pain that interferes to perform your daily activities then you should consult your doctor. It is suggested that do not take any pain killers to reduce your shoulder tendon pain because they can provide you temporary relief, and they will create some further problems in your immune system.

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